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Vice President Octay's Moody's reviews


October, Yozgat Industrialists & Businessmen's Association (YOSİAD) Üsküdar Municipality participated in the meeting. Fuat Octay started his speech by conveying the greetings of President Resep Tayyap Jordoğan, who is always at the side of industrialists and business people to the participants.

Istanbul, Turkey, and around the city of Istanbul, said the rates were heard, and in order to see the solidarity associations established by Octay, every opportunity to make an effort to come together with their fellow citizens.

Capricious dowry from Turkey

"The intrepid Istanbul, risk-taking, with the return of non-stop business people putting under his sweat, Octay has continued to improve Turkey with mental sweat," Who does the work if you're doing it? Whether they perform from the outside, if they do not want to, they drop it, but already they are doing it, so the credit rating agencies, they get the right roles if the election, they do it. Expected from them, just as they did last night, they did leave them alone "Lu lower than it comes from. We have seen many games this time. It is not a republic of Turkey. He has not prevented his citizens from standing behind his leader, and he will not be able to prevent him from going." Said.

October, the past 17 years, President Resep Tayyip Ergogan, the leadership of the economy and many steps have been taken to open the way for entrepreneurs, told the manufacturers who want to support the development of the country, that all kinds of support.

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Manufacturing, exporting, using …

Stressing that they significantly reduce the tax burden on investment, production, export, employment and finance in order to further improve the business environment, October said: "We have been in the lead. Political stability and structural reforms have played a key role in the success of Turkey. More to the investment, more producing, exporting more, creating more employment, we will make more efforts to develop and more magic through our country in the most advanced countries in the league. "He said.

October remembers that Istanbul is a city where East and West meet, which served as the capital of two large empires, and emphasized that living in the cherished city of ancestors requires responsibility for the past and tomorrow of Istanbul.

October, under the leadership of President Eurogan with an even stronger vision and determination to continue delivering the best services to Istanbul, expressed their desire for the people's support and prayers.

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"Our faith in Binali Yıldırım, our confidence is complete"

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Binary Endeavor's name is the name of this great success in the signature signature and success of Otay's signature and success, said:
"Turkey's Mega-door opens to the World Istanbul Airport, Continental Eurasia Tunnel, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Marmaray, and many more unique works of vision and leadership for our Presidential Binary Kingdoms. June 23, this business in Istanbul we will open the doors of an environmentalist and living Istanbul with projects such as transportation solutions, breathtaking green corridors and production support, which will make Istanbul the locomotive Fun our production more attractive for investors and add value to Istanbul. We will continue to give ensures to our private sector to create opportunities. We believe in Binali Yıldırım and trust in this matter. "

"The difference in experience, level and advantage will be clearly shown"

October said that Binali Yıldırım brand represents experience, trust and sincerity in the country and remained as follows:
"Our beautiful Istanbul does not reveal any vision, populist, aggressive and inconsistent CHP candidate, not the innovative bald and endearing brand. The human mask falls when the impulsive and unforgettable mistakes made by the Governor of the Army have seen the blasphemous statements. The difference between the level of experience, level and virtues between Binali Yildirim and the CHP candidate will be revealed in the live broadcast that will take place in the evening. For the most part of our nation above all. 23 It is our throat to ensure that elections are found in the healthiest way to avoid a fraudulent democracy on June 23. And we will mobilize all our possibilities for this. "

October emphasized that the Turkish people have never given credit to those who deal with divorced terrorist organizations, public services and global networks for their own interests with the awareness that the Turkish nation will be strengthened.

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"Regional Development"

Fuat Octay mentions that they launched the supply chain project at Yosefat last year to bring together producers of complementary sectors to support producers' solidarity.

Vice President Otay says:
"We held the first meeting of the experience and portfolio sharing between cities that we aim to spread from Yosefat to all of Anatolia in Çorum in February. As businessmen and industrialists in Yosefat, I wish you to strengthen your relations with other associations of Our neighboring cities living in Istanbul, crown your solidarity with new business associations. You'll always find it with you. "

October, after his speech with members of YOSİAD souvenir photo tasks.

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