Trabzonspor Malatya great shock!


Evrokur New Malatyaspor 4 – 0 Trabzonspor

51.DK: GOAL! Evgur New Malatyaspor with Khalid Boutaib is a 4-0.

49.DK: GOAL! Evkur New Malatyaspor Danijel Aleksic scored 3-0 against Trabzonspor. Zagno Toure & # 39; nin Adem Büyük violated the foul with the city in a free-kick on a point obtained at the match Danijel Aleksic and Adem Büyük. The Danijel Aleksic players could smell victory in the air.

38.DK: GOAL! Evgur New Malatyaspor with Daniel Aleksic 2-0.

36.DK: GOAL! Evrok New Malatyaspor 1-0 before Guilherme with Trabzonspoor.

31.DK: Trabzonspor Jose Sosa can not benefit from an important opportunity. Olcay Sahan entered the penalty area on the right that Anthony Nwakaeme and Filip Novak entered the right hand, Jose Sosa, in the field and in the middle of a two-player ball to stay for the crown, goes to the crown.

19.DK: Trabzonspor Hugo Rodallega gets his head on it. Olcay Sahan, who had to be helped off the pitch to a corner by Hugo Rodallega, and the referee gave the foul. Hugo Rodallega's nun right foot with the ball coming from the ball on the back of the New Malatyaspor defense and the ball goes.

1.DK: The game is over. Achievements in both teams


New Malatyaspor: Farnolle, Chebake, Mina, Sadik, Erkan, Ahmed, M. Yildirim, Guilherme, Aleksic, Adam, Boutaib

Trabzonspor: Honor, Pereira, Toure, Hosseini, Novak, Olcay, Sosa, Abdülkadir, Onazi, Nwakaeme, Rodallega


Trabzonspor with Evgur New Malatyaspor will play for the third time in the league with the match tomorrow. The two teams that met for the first time in the 2017-18 season and in the first half of the match played 4-1 in the Trabzonspor area, were 1-0 defeated. Trabzonspor 4 in the aforementioned matches, Evkur new malatyaspor double-time competition network.

MALATIA wants to continue the series

Evgeni Yeni Malatyaspor, who had the second season in the Super League, scored 18 points with 5 wins, 3 draws and a loss in the 11-week league. Yellow blacks, 11 times the opponent's nets up to 14 times, while 10 goals scored on the hill. The last two league games with the winner of the Turkey Malatya Championship championship, the field and want to win in the face of Trabzonspor in front of the audience. Evrok new Malatyaspor 'injured goalkeeper Ertac Ozbir, right goalkeeper, Seth Sincere, midfielder Mitchell Donald had previously worked and Ömer Şişmanoğlu' nun Trabzonspor is not expected to compete.

A yellow-black card in the penalty area on the border between Danijela Aleksic Alexic, Adam and Guilherme Guilty, in this run if they see a card at the 13th week of the Kasimpasa game.

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