The use of opioids in Australia takes 3 lives per day


According to a report published by the Australian Health Institute (AIHW), opioid-related deaths have reached the highest level in the country over the past ten years.

According to the report, 150 people in the hospital due to an overdose or adverse drug reactions in the country every day, while 3 died.

Opioid deaths increased by 50 percent during the 2016-2017 period. In 2011, 591 people lost their lives due to the use of opioids, and the number increased to 119,000 last year.

In addition, during the 2016-2017 period, more than 3 million people prescribed 15.4 million opioid prescriptions. It was found that some users of this drug also illegally transmitted.

Opioid may use addiction because of drug addiction, as the vaccine dose may cause death.

Opioids, poppy bait groups, are used as a painkiller and as a medicine.

Overdose of opioids can lead to death.

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