The parliamentary Salkova Commission, which weighs between the Members of both parties


In Parliament, the Commission for Family, Social Affairs and Social Affairs, which regulates regulations and administrative structures in the field of social and social sciences, taking into account violence over areas of gray matter, sold in closed cabinets in a standard and standard package; and Article 5 of the proposed amendment to the laws of the law were adopted by means of meaningful instruments.

In the Commission, Article 5 of the proposal was submitted 11 hours.

According to Article 5 adopted, doctors, doctors and doctors of the public strike, by virtue of their nature, affiliation, affiliation or contact with these groups, who decide to carry out the National Security Council (NSC) or the National Security Council (NSC). those who can only participate in sidewalks or practice that do not have a social security committee. Reports that they regulate will not be based on judicial decisions and administrative procedures.

The proposal, adopted in Article 5, was covered by doctors who did not accept strikes due to security issues. In this case, doctors in this situation will be able to take over all the small boards.

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The Deputy Minister for the parties AK, Cahit zkan sz, on the constitutional and legal provisions were discussed in the constitution.

AK Party Group of Deputy Ministers to take over the commission, the commission will not consider the powers and the effectiveness of the Members of Parliament who claim to be jubilant, a proposal until the General Assembly said the progress of the Council.

A spokeswoman for the CHP Group of Green Group, the new system in the bag will not be a law, but this offer is "offering a bag", he said.

zelz, "The proposed proposals are signed by deputies, this point is revenge, the command baa, a rough thing." Everything I do, courts do not leave me "Article: On the one hand, the point is" aa kk yesinler ". The principle of equality under the feet has made an estimate.

MEP MEP Kani Beko wanted the object to be completely excluded from the proposal.

HDP Kocaeli Deputy Faruk Gergerliol stated that NSC decisions would not replace judicial decisions.

Y's party Antalya deputy Tuba denied, the proposal "for doctors is the law" argued.

The set of rules on violence, including the proposal for a proposal "the doctor has brought the most important", universal hinges, "a regulation that these doctors can take with SSI do not understand that the arrow has a little pole plate." These are not just the names of doctors, he asked.

A member of the CHP from Istanbul, Brahim Kabol, pointed out that the exclusion of this article from the proposal would be not only due to compliance with the Constitution, but also from social legislation.

Laws on the enforcement of the law Mustafa Gler de Trk doctors "The constitution of the Constitution, general regulations and all conscience," has advanced.

– "Of course, the state will defend itself"

AK Samsun's AKM party deputy Ahmet Demircan stressed that Turkey is a serious threat of terror with a threat of snow.

She explained that this problem should be approached in the Terrle mcadele Demircan concept: "Of course, the state will defend itself. This is the national self-confidence". he said.

Regarding the Profit Laws Regulations, which states that Demircan, "the Turkish Terr gave the right from the grammar." she lives.

Demircan, these doctors can enter the expert Tpta Snavna.

– Weighing

The 11th hour of laying positions for gras, the AK Party, gave the site a location. Voting was voted on. During this period, the Members of Parliament opposed the decision that hit the winds. Balad weighs on a commission on it.

MPs of the CHP and MPP members do not take action anymore, but they point out that he is irrational and lamented.

Sargs also voted in favor of Commission Minister Enel Jediyldz, AK and CHP. The AK Party was accepted.

Jediyldz, who also voted in accordance with Article 5, stated that the article was adopted and said that the Commission would continue to receive it at 15.00.

CHP Zonguldak deputy Ali Demir and deputy deputy city Ali Eker, Commissioner of the Commission during a vote to display water on the table frlat on the floor, the ministry to stop the microphone.

After the vote, MEPs and MHP members separated from the meeting room, but MPs of the CHP, HDP and Y party remained in the Chamber more than happy. party members ", voting deadline to stay removed, nergelerinllaamad and danlmad, during the protest, there are no media to be filled" "the button was signed.

CHP Zonguldak deputy Demirda, CHP, votes with five votes, Members of the AK Party have defended the vote.

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