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Approximately 200 creditor 400,000,000 TL debt allegedly allegedly 80-year famous shoe brand hotic on August 31 in the case of the case of the trial of the site. The Instabial Commercial Commission of First Instance has given the company a definite time of one year on the positive report of the delegation appointed Highly 3-month time. Creditors want to go bankruptcy hotty nose bankruptcy court commute every month to send a report, the situation will deteriorate if the situation will be decided immediately bankruptcy.

80 years of famous brand shoes with 150 sales points in Turkey Hotiç, apply to the court on August 31, has claimed concordat. According to the company's statement, "In the last time, the cash flow congestion experienced in the markets, the excessive depreciation of TL in the market interest rates above the foreseeable level of our company has begun to experience short-term payments," he Is called.

The Istanbul Chamber Chamber of First Instance appointed a consortium commissioner, consisting of 3 members, giving a 3-month time. Approximately 200 creditors from the bank, financial institutions and other companies and individuals of haughty are responsible for the $ 400 million debt. The first hearing of the case, where up to 150 creditors are involved, is held today. Nearly 100 societies attended the hearing, representing Hotiç's lawyer.

Concordata committee delegation gives a position to visit

In a report submitted by the commissioner to this case, the president of the site said that the activities of the company were positive overpayments over a 3-month period. His lawyer also required a one-year term, and the delegation to continue the work of the delegation.

Receivables show: Brand value is displayed high

The sages of the creditor, who took the floor, responded to the reaction of the Concordie Commission. The sages' creditors, said that during the time he paid for the debts of the company in the past time, said the bankruptcy. An agreement by the creditor said that the estimation of Hotyç's brand is exorbitantly calculated. "Hotyç's brand is 150 million tl and its debt is 400 million tl, but its brand is worth 408 million tl", he said.

HOTIC FAMILY CONDUCTED THE MANAGEMENT Before the Commission was announced

Another creditor attorney also stated that all members of the Board of Directors of haughty persons resigned in the general meeting meeting held two weeks before the announcement of the concert. Is free. The sages claimed that hotshot had kidnapped property by his sister company.

The Court has given a one-year term: if tight

Hospitality can give the court a set time of one year, the Committee Delegation to continue to work and report to the site once a month, the company is to determine the implementation of the improvement or if the concordance of the The success of the site to be noticed is that it was decided to report with an immediate report, unanimously.

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