She took the three girls hostage, the hard way she survived!


The incident occurred in the Colonel Street apartment where there are many cafes where university students spent time. According to the alligator, Mohamed S. University student, some time ago, left the house of his lover, went to the AI ​​House and locked the door.

Muhammad S., Bolu Abant Izhet Bayal University, the former lover of the island Yes a roommate, 2 girls, tried to prevent muhammed but could not succeed.

Muhammad also features battered yokes roots. The girls couldn't get out because the door was locked.


When the crowd heard the cries of the house, the police informed the police. Hundreds of people gathered on the street.

The scene, police, fire and health teams are referred to. The police broke into the house, breaking the fire brigade door, saving the smashed girls. Police and neighborhood guards tried to remove the mass collected on the street.

When taken out of the house and taken to the police car, Muhammad S. tries to be lynched by the crowd. But Lynch was prevented by police and neighborhood guards. Muhammad, who was taken to the hospital in Casadhi, took three college girls. The investigation was launched. DHA

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