Robes from the street dog rescued by madly infected Norwegian woman


He went to vacation in the Philippines, rescued from the street puppy rescued tale Norwegian tourists lost their lives.

24-year-old civilians and her friends in the Philippines during the holiday rescued puppies from the roadside where they left off. The dog is thought to bite the dog into the order.

In Norway, more than 200 years of death due to rabbits have not been recorded.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Rabbis outbreak is the most dangerous country in the Philippines.

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He rescued the dog and brought them to their rooms.

Birgitte Kallestad and his friends are on holiday on the Philippines in February.

The group took it to their accommodation to save a puppy dog ​​at the side of the road.

Cold-washed the dog here and played games with him. His family said the dog was "minor scratches" and tried to clean the microbe by his own efforts.

Doctors found difficult to diagnose

He began to feel sick in the end of his vacation, and returned to Norway.

Norwegian doctors have difficulty in diagnosing the woman who has come to the emergency room many times.

She was hospitalized at the end of the month, and she passed away on Monday.

Birgitte says in a statement, "Birgitte was very fond of animals. He is hot-hearted as other people are afraid of the same thing," he said.

Although rubies are a treatable disease, they can be transformed into an endangered brain and nervous system infection.

The disease causes thousands of people to die in countries where rabbits are common, especially in Asia and Africa.

According to Norwegian law, robbery vaccination is not a must.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health, however, recommends that robbers be given vaccine before going to countries where there is a danger of madness, including the Philippines.

Find out more about robes

  • Among the major symptoms of headache, fever and anxiety
  • May cause difficulty in breathing and breathing difficulties as infection progresses
  • Spasm in the muscles that swallow, the patient hard to drink anything
  • The time until the patient begins to show signs of infection. It ranges from 3-12 weeks.
  • If an animal bites you, it leaks, or scratches it, it is advisable to wash the area immediately with soap and water and seek medical assistance without delay.
  • Immediately before the symptoms develop, especially after being bitten, rubies can be treated with a small dose of vaccine and immune-assisting proteins.
  • Every year, more than 15 million people are bitten by an animal and are vaccinated, and hundreds of thousands are saved. However, there are people who cannot access the effective treatment tools when they need it.
  • People who travel frequently to robbers are also expected to be immune

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