Pit 42 is now in the air. Find details of the latest episode (Show TV)!

In the 41st part of the cave; Idris, the son of his son, Selim Koçovalı, acknowledged his history, Meliha, how he loved so much, how much he lost this fate, and how the most beautiful world disasters came to speak openly. In the back of the cave; After a very limited time, finding a reliable chemist for the production of medicines, raw materials, found a new element for the implementation of the activity. In order to prevent the Kočevinci from preparing their raw materials internally and preventing them from sending, the chemist Karakuza called on them to smash the mixture into the box breaking the structure of the raw materials. At this point, Koçoys will achieve their ambitions. At the last moment Ersoy was guilty of guilt with a gun on the scene, and the chemist on the crime with the goods he put on the scene found a slander. On the other hand, Muhsin proves that he is the superior power and in order to avoid Idris's bout of Idris's day in order to pay the price of this and Emma and Selimy in order to continue with violent movements in the neighborhood, Muhsin and his men forced to defeat the market. However, Akşın, Saadet ablasının lived in a statement that his child's life is alive, but after leaving Vartolu, continued searching for Saadet 's pursuit, caused the shadow of the target due to Mahsun. After the laboratory attack, to arrive at the raw material of the pilgrimage of the pilgrimage Karakus and put it in a mixture with a mixture placed in the 42nd part of the Çukur trailer, it should be published as soon as possible. Here, in accordance with an order he received from Ceto Celasuna, in his famous way of progressing on the Cumali road, he worked with him as a stage to prepare a weapon for the direction and preparation of a blow to the scene of the 42 Cukur episode.


Cukur 42rd episodes of episodes of high-quality and powerful projects of Show TV screens were released.

ÇUKUR 42.BÖLÜM when will it be published?

Gökhan Horzum & # 39; ın, written by the script, will be shown on TV Show TV on Monday, November 11 at 20:00, by the director of the tower where Sinan Ozturk, a scene that will recognize the scene, will host the audience , and a high level of achievement of the peak of the 42nd episode.


Which was the last part of the cave?

In the back of the cave; With the help of Aliço Ersoy, he caught the Yamaç gap, Vartola Vyla heads to head and prepares new plans against Karakuzulari. The question that Selim has been asking for years on would bring Idris back to the past. In the confrontation between his father and son, Idris will confess Meliha. The moment they faced it is expected. Celasun, Ayşe and Karaca, are searching for Akshin everywhere; problems that open in the corner will squeeze Celasun. She will share with Karac's request for help and circumstances related to Akşınom to the slopes. Cumali again, as he knew when he was listening to Yamaç 'Celasun' nun, will find himself in the game, influencing the battle between Koçovalılar and Karakuzular.

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