"Parkinson's disease begins in the gut, the risk of developing patients with apenicitis less than"


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Place of appendicitis in the intestines, near accessory and appendicitis

A recent study in the United States shows that Parkinson's brain disease started in the gastrointestinal tract.

After the study, appendicitis contains toxic proteins that kill brain cells, and in people with appendicitis, there is a risk of developing the disease.

Untaxed Parkinson's affects the sense, memory and mood of patients with mobility.

A survey carried out at the Van Andel Institute in Michigan has over the past 50 years investigated data on 1.7 million people.

According to a study published in the medical journal Translational Medicine, findings showed that the disease started in the intestine, and those who had apendicitis surgery were 20 percent less likely to suffer from Parkinson's disease.

"Apothecary of toxic proteins that kill brain cells"

Apandis, a tube in the mouth of the colon, is known as a dysfunctional organ.

Investigations in the additive show that this organ contains toxic proteins, called "alpha synuclein". Parkinson's patients have the same proteins in the brain.

However, experts find that the disease is not entirely dependent on it, so ignoring the add-on will not eliminate all of the cases.

However, scientists say that the gut creates a nutritional environment for these proteins and that the protein reaches the vagus nerve (pulmonary gastric nerve) and from there to the brain.

From the research group Mant Despite these data, no one is advised to have appendectomy as a precaution in Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's patients often complain of digestive problems. Closing of the Vagus nervous system reduces Parkinson's disease and animal studies suggest that bacteria living in the intestines are crucial.


"This study is really important because it contains the most serious findings that the disease can start outside the brain. This is a revolutionary development for the scientific world," said Claire Bale of the Parkinson's UK in the United Kingdom.

"Understanding where and how the disease begins is essential for the development of treatment that stop or prevent the disease," Bale said.

The study found that almost all of them had alpha synuclein protein in their supplement.

The structure of the proteins of patients with Parkinson's and healthy people varies.

BBC Science and Health journalist James Gallagher, however, warns of the need for time to explain why some people caught Parkinson's and some did not arrest him.

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