Pardoo !! Would you look at your heart?


Did you know that 25% of the world's population is affected by cardiovascular disease and that the most common disease in our country is cardiovascular disease and is the main cause of death worldwide.

But I have the feeling that you can relax your heart until now. Cardiovascular disease can be prevented by healthy life and proper nutrition.

Start by first studying your heart to work:

High blood pressure,
High levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol and low levels of HDL,
Fatigue in the waist area, depending on the severity of the problem and / or weight problem,
High blood pressure and blood glucose levels,
Smoking and use of alcohol,

I'm sorry if you have one or more of the above, but your heart is very old! If you want to rejuvenate your heart, you must leave the popular malnutrition and see the warnings that your heart will preserve the young and write on one side of your opinion:

Take care of 5-8 meals of fruits and vegetables daily

During the day, you need to put in a variety of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Due to diet, no matter how different nutritional models are present, this means that the rich content of vitamins and minerals is present.

Make sure you have a meal with meals

Full grains that you know with a rich amount of vitamins and minerals; It is also rich in fiber, which is a star in the fight against diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes. In this way it must be mandatory for the main meals.

Let the fish that loves your heart open the place in the table!

Marine products, rich in omega-fatty acids, show heart-shaped properties by regulating blood circulation and heart pressure. For this reason, you must prepare a room twice a week, especially with the oven.

Do not be fools, while fats are friendly, you should not exceed doses!

They should reduce the amount of saturated fats, trans fats and rich cholesterol.

This fatty group causes thickening of vessels, slowing down the flow of blood and increasing heart pressure, disturbing the natural body rhythm and causing premature aging of the heart.

Prepare the right amount of olive oil for feeding

Oilseeds contain vitamins, minerals and high-quality fatty acids. It regulates blood pressure, prevents lubrication and protects the heart while polishing your skin. But do not forget that all of these features also ensure the consumption of unhandled shapes.

Increase spices instead of increasing salt consumption!

An increase in sodium intake will endanger the balance of the electrolyte in the body, which affects the working principle of all organs, especially the heart. Therefore, you must be careful to prepare your meals as little as possible or to indicate that no salt has been added to your orders.

Light milk and milk products

Often you feel that limiting milk and milk products is caloric savings, right? However, you need to know that the most important point is to limit the intake of saturated fats instead of saving calories. Especially if we take into account the salt content of our cheeses, it's time to buy light milk and dairy products without fear of our lives!

Keep your heart dynamic as it is active!

Regular, moderate physical activity reduces blood pressure and eases physical stress management and has a positive effect on weight regulation. Create and follow your goals to bring physical activity to your life. When you complete each step, scroll to the next level and hold the heart in the form without effort.

The best way to prevent heart disease is to change your eating habits and habits, but it's important to know where to start. Take a good look at your whole life and think about the nutritional principles I mentioned above. Keep in mind; no nutrients can create miracles and protect you against diseases and weight problems!

In order to protect your heart, remember to keep not only food, but also love and goodness! With a heart, young as a child's heart, I want life to be full of health Bebek

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