Operation in 19 provinces! The detention of 33 people


The Institute of Istanbul Istanbul in the scope of the investigation led the organization of the TSO, fatigue after the organization's organization after leaving the Digiturk and the phones phones figured out to have established communications , Among them, the decision was taken about the refusal of 33 suspects.

The Istanbul Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office of Terror and Organized Crimes continues to conduct an investigation into the organization of the Turkish Armed Forces. In this context, it is recognized that the petition and voice recordings about the reasons for departure from the platform were examined by the removal of Samanyolu TV, Samanyolu News, Today's TV, Kanaltürk, Yumurcak TV, Irmak TV and Mehtap TV from Digiturk platform. 33 of the suspects were identified in the investigation of the investigation was specified. It was suggested that the same suspects are also using public fixed lines to communicate in the organization.

Following the observations, the prosecutor's office, four of them retired colonel, 1 retired Lieutenant, one active duty 2 chief, 1 captain, 10 active duty non-commissioned officers, 2 active duty officers, a total of 14 decree, detained 33 out Of 16 exported 16 suspects decided on the detention. Acting in accordance with the instructions of the Prosecutor's Office in the Istanbul Police Department, 19 provinces in order to catch the suspects started work. So far 26 suspects have been arrested.


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