Olive oil prevents radiation from mobile phones – News on health and nutrition


Exp. Dr. Ender Saraç, said that those who regularly enjoy high quality olive oil are protected against radiation, cancer and Alzheimer's from a mobile phone.


Dr. Ender Sarac, an indispensable element of our age, fueled by cell phones and electromagnetic effects, stressed the removal of olive oil.

According to the UAV report; Dr. At the Milas Zeytin Festival, Sarac produced olives and then presented the benefits of olive oil. Dr. Saraç gave recipes for olive oil and olive oil for a healthy life and gave important advice.


As a Cretaceous culture of olive oil that is very familiar to Saraç, the latest scientific research on olive oil, Alzheimer's disease, draws attention to the protective characteristic: "Olive oil and olive oil are a gift of nature. In the coming years it is predicted that Alzheimer's disease will prevent disease , which are spreading as cancer, scientific studies focusing on Alzheimer's disease have shown that olive oil has miraculous benefits in terms of health. When we look at the past, it is thought that well-known philosophers and people generally grow in the Aegean environment. "


Dr. Ender Saraç stressed that the consumption of olive oil protects against the effects of radiation emitted by mobile phones. It is a source of fibers, it works on the gut but at the same time it prevents the reduction of cholesterol and the formation of poor plaque in the gut.

Everyone uses a mobile phone and we all carry a mobile phone. There have been many new scientific research from America. To prevent the radiation and electromagnetic effects of mobile phones, we have introduced a large amount of vitamin E. However, when vitamin E is taken artificially, there are some problems. Vitamin E, which is not taken naturally, causes poisoning. But the body with olive oil, pistachios and body pinyol contains natural vitamin E. Meanwhile, one of the biggest benefits of olive oil is soluble in fats. K, E vitamins, olive oil is rich. The best way to get the natural way of vitamin E is to consume a lot of olive oil, "he said.


In particular cancer, Alzheimer, effects of radiation against the protective effect of olive oil and cholesterol and reduced sugar, dr. "The most important advantage of olive oil is the fact that it protects against radiation. Olive oil is the largest preservative against olive oil and carcinogenic factors due to the high vitamin E content in olive oil. It is enough to consume as much as a thin cup of tea Olive oil is a very powerful antioxidant It protects against Alzheimer's disease from heart disease, cancer, serious rheumatic diseases. Diabetes, olive oil can consume safely, "he said.


Dr. Ender Sarac, "When we return to the famous philosophers and we feel that people in the Aegean are generally growing in the consumption of olive oil, I think that" after increasing the happiness and intelligence of the serotonin hormone in olive oil, he emphasized: "Olive oil contains a large amount of serotonin The fact that philosophers who will look forward to all people will come from the Aegean Sea, depending on the consumption of too much olive oil.

The biggest cause of cancer is stress. Olive oil protects against cancer and increases happiness. The letters and gastritis are very good. It has been found that olive oil against breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. It is also in the preventive work against cancer of the colon of both sexes. olives; It's an amazing miracle with its leaves, seeds, fruits and oil. Olive leaves are deadly. At the same time, the olive cloth reduces cholesterol and sugar. A protective antioxidant with liver is involved, "he said.

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