Legends of Football Meet the Young People "


Some footballers Ali Gültiken, Hami Miranda, Oguz Cetin and Ergun Penbe met with young people in Antalya as part of the Legends of Football Hearing Young People G project, organized jointly by the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Justice.

But Gültiken and Oğuz Çetin swam for the same team, while Hami Mandıralı and Ergün Penbe participated in the other team.

Legendary football names, 4 teams with a 10-minute game. Colored images appeared in legendary footballers and mixed teams.

After the competitions, the participants got a soccer ball.

Provincial Director for Youth Services and Sports Burhanettin Hacicaferoglu told reporters, project legends and young people who joined Antalya in the framework of the project, he said.

Young, Ali Gültiken, Hami Mandıralı, in addition to Oguz Cetin and Ergun Penbe, Antalya also met with footballers who said that Hacıcaferoğlu, football, which is legendary tomorrow, met with prisoners.

He emphasized that the organization is a project of social responsibility, "The project has been carried out so far in 30 provinces, since this activity is very important in the sense that the bridge between the past and the future and the transfer of experience to younger generations. In addition, obesity and bad habits. We encourage them to play sports, "he said.

Hami Mandıralı from footballers said that they were happy to meet with young people in such projects.

In the framework of the project, many cities met with young people and prisoners Mandıralı said: "This was a great experience for us. Young people and prisoners are joining, working and enjoying the race in the assessment.

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