Karsiyaka News – Turkey, the highest level of obesity in the country

the district of Izmir Karsiyaka at a seminar in three overweight and one-third of the adult population in Turkey was predicted as one of the fat ones. The level of obesity in Turkey and Europe has been reported by the World Health Organization as the highest state.

The municipality of Karsiyaka "Obesity Obesity and Obesity" organized a seminar. Specialist in Endocrinology Gökçen Ünal Kocabaş, General Specialist in Surgery Lecturer. Read. Fatma Likos, a nutrition and nutrition expert with Tuğbo Han Önder, gave important information on the obesity, diet and methods of treatment, gastric stem surgery, types and risks of action, progressive monitoring and attention. It was emphasized that obesity should be treated , which can cause many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, brain diseases, types of cancer, pregnancy problems, liver tiredness and depression, in particular resistance to insulin. Experts emphasized the importance of combating obesity, he said:

"In our country, one adult in one of three overweight and one third of the population was also defined as obese and in Turkey, there is a degree of obesity in Europe that the World Health Organization has shown the largest country. After smoking preventable deaths, others the most important cause of obesity. Excessive body weight is serious. Every aspect of the disease should not be seen. Fertility should be achieved with the help of an expert. It is necessary to acquire healthy and appropriate eating habits, necessary changes in the way of life, realize the way of life and, if necessary, appropriate surgical help.



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