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Herkai's acclaimed name, Ebru Sahin, is out of the picture!


Akın Akınözü on ATV, Ebru Şahin, which came across the camera with its series project called Hercai with nam-other Miran, has become one of the most popular scenes of these screens by being able to enter the eyes of a wide range of viewers with Her role as Ryan. Ebru Sahin, who previously appeared in many series of projects but played the leading role in the production of Hercai with Akın Akınözü, achieved a remarkable acceleration in her personal social media account, changing her appearance.

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Herkai series of the season finale with the best way to appreciate your holiday throughout the year of throwing the fatigue of Ebru Sahin, on the other hand, wrapped in four-handed work Ismail Hacıoğlu made in front of the screen with a tight Preparation for the film project. Ebru inahin, who has prepared for the audience with the violet character in the production of the white screen called Unconscious Love, could not keep his surprise by changing his image and becoming completely different.

In addition, the second season of the Herkai project, which stops the marathon broadcast for a short time, is expected to begin in August. At the same time, the TV series of all other TV series with a different event plot engraved between the indispensable project Hercai 2.sezon (new season) broadcasting day is not yet clear, but is expected to happen in September ATV screens.

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