"Haemophilia patients should avoid colliding with sports activities"


In a statement from the hemophilia of the Federation, hereditary and society hemophilia, which is a major health problem in relation to health, the individual, family and society, the major problems posed by belirtildi.türkiye registered about 5,000 haemophilia A (8 innate factor deficiency) and thousands of haemophilia B (congenital factor In the statement, it was noted that the patient was under control and treatment, the following statements were made by the founder of the President of the Federation of Hemofilio Kavaklı: Ten years ago, in half of the patients without social security, the quality of life was significantly changed in those who were had the possibility of using the drug, while those who had the possibility of using drugs who were in prophylaxis. Today, we are in a process in which all patients are covered by social security, most of them protected.

The incidence of common problems has been significantly reduced in patients under the age of 15 years. Young haemophilic diseases are now able to continue education and education and can be involved. We are pleased to note that a large number of patients with haemophilia have a workplace and strength, and have established their family. The average age of the Turkish population is around 35 years and the average age of hemophile youth is 24 years. Now, the new generation is made up of people who want to study more universities and want to actively participate in life.

"If they do not encroach on physiotherapy support, they can actively participate in many sports," he said. "The most ideal sports activities for haemophilic diseases are swimming and walking. Hemophilic injuries should be avoided in order to avoid traumatic sports activities. However, this situation does not prevent a young person from having a haemophilia who is protected from playing football or basketball. Here is an important activity among friends and who make an important contribution to socialization. We do not recommend professional football matches or high risk in the neighborhood. "

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