GTA 3 modifiers found the developer tools of the game


GTA 3 Mod manufacturers have discovered the developer tools that explain how the game is developed.

Several intrusive GTA 3 YubuBers and Mod producers have discovered some of the original developer tools rockstar games use to develop GTA 3 and have a magnifying glass on the game's fascinating development process.


GTA 3's Unpublished Version 20 Years Later (Video)

By Kotaku Vadim B And Badger Gooder YouBoBers release an ordinary video displaying many of the debugging tools used in different structures of GTA 3. Some of them are embedded in GTA 3's codes, many of which have been developed for PlayStation 2.

Other debugging tools from GTA 3 have been discovered in the mobile version. The hacker, who discovered the debugging tools in the mobile version, managed to integrate them into the PC version. Some of these features allow you to see models of models, vehicles and hitboxes. Others offer developer features such as free camera use.


Ministry of Interior relays a GTA V video on Traffic

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