Electricity subscribers to the distribution companies of the Gospel will reimburse the connection fee


In 2013, the Energy Regulatory Authority (EMRA) significantly amended the legislation on electricity. Accordingly, the city will make the necessary investment for the segment to the client, the city of the distribution company. The customer will not charge any price. The distribution company will return this commission back.


According to news in Habertürk, EMRA in some provinces finds that subscribers continue to produce their pockets. Distributors were warned. Punishment is interrupted. These companies will return the calculated amount for the segment to the meter to subscribers. Refunds will be posted on the official website.

A company that distributes a large city is warned. This company should notify its subscribers at the latest next week.


The sources point out that the amount will vary according to the investment, the distance and the material used. The distribution company will make the necessary calculations and will return these amounts to its subscribers.

EMRA has recently decided to pay premium quality compensation to customers over a power outage of more than 12 hours a day around 13 distribution companies. 50% of subscribers affected by the interruption affected by these inconveniences will be paid 100 TL. Work in this area continues.

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News Release Date: 11.8.2018 12:55 And sondakika.co

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