ECDC & # 39; Credit Card Different Price & Euro; Description

Different price on the fuel

Yahoo's line heads are as follows;

There is no decision about the different price of the credit card.

They can not get extra credit from the credit card. This law is clearly stated. The peaks can get an opinion on the Brza Department of Commerce for their sales. There is no disruption in the legislation to discount the cash payment.

Members of the business are required to accept the cost of procurement of goods and services. It may not be required to pay an additional fee. It is necessary to examine whether this requirement is positive.


Diesel prices are higher than gasoline prices. About the rise of the Sales Cycle on Turkey's agenda has once risen. This is somehow financed. Resellers say that the distribution companies that have complaints are not transparent. Transparency is a must for our institution. We expect dealers to train dealers. 43 percent of the costs met the dealer. Is it true that the participation of a wholesaler company in the promotion is the same as the participant's participation in the promotion is correct or not.

"Distributed Companies Have The Market For Marketing"

Our recommendation to the citizen in the fuel should be cheaper.

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