Did Okan Kurt reconcile with Demet Akalin?


Demet Akalin and Okan Kurt suddenly made a decision. After the fork of the family company Okan Kurt, executive officers came to the house Demet Akalin and started the closure process. Demet Akalın after the events, Okan Kurt decided to divorce.

For a while, "Okan" is very angry, "said Akalin, a second page program" Miss Okan Bey? " "I miss the smell of the skin. From time to time I miss a man, there is no thing that would not miss me." he replied.

Go to polonium

Demet Akalın and Okan Kurt went to Polonezköy with their daughter Hiro Kurt.

She gave a dual peace signal that led ice between them.

Okan Kurt and Demet Akalın "photos of those who have" Demet, Okan pardı "found.


I'm taking pictures of my replacement. As if you're at work, my photos are smart to attack! I see Hiro once a week, do not be so curious, and you do not think you're so smart! Sram ..!

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