Description of Minister Akar on the explosion of ammunition in Hakkari

Akar, together with Chief of Staff General Yasar Güler and Commander General of Land Force Ümit Dündar, University of Health Sciences (SBU), Gülhane hospital and research hospital, have been wounded after an explosion in the Hakkari, Süngü Tepe area, in an anti-terrorist operation and the police visited.

Rector SBU Dr. Akar, who was greeted by Cevdet Erdöl and the hospital authorities, Akar went to the senate for one to talk to the wounded and meet with families.

Akar, an AA correspondent after the visit, said that the wounded situation improved every day.

Akar thanked the healthcare workers who worked as soon as possible to recover from the wounded as soon as possible. "After the accident, some wounded were listed here, while others are currently being treated in Yüksekov, Van and Hakkari. We learned that he will be taken out of the hospital, "he said.

Akar, which was immediately linked to the accident, began to start administrative, technical inquiry with a call, said:

"I want to share the first findings with you, so the inspection committee confirmed both ammunition and reports that the ball is available for the task. After the ball was launched, the flame was back due to the high pressure left behind by the tube that the missile left the tube and then left the tube. I can say that this flame triggered these explosions and that in the coming days it will be possible to continue with more detailed findings by continuing other technical studies. "Judicial, administrative and technical studies are continuing at present."

Akar asked whether there was any external effect that could have caused an explosion in the base area: "Ball, checked the ball. On October 28, the delegation found that they were suitable for this task, and this accident is by no means an outside influence." he replied.

Akar on the issue of combating terrorism ", both in the east, as well as in the southeast, in the north of Iraq and in other regions of our anti-terrorist activities, continues to be determined with determination and determination. The last terrorist will not be effective, Everyone should know. "Terms used.

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