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And the induction was accepted


On December 11, 2019, the trial of the professors and their assistants arrested and released by the prosecutor's office charges for sexually abusing the vet. (23) working at his animal hospital.

The veterinarian Ç.B., who works in his own animal hospital at Ankara, has taken Hasan B. and Ç.B. Circus the, assistant to destroy the evidence to delete the alleged gynecologist Ç.B. ​​Nin Hüseyin Ş. The indictment was prepared by the Ankara 31st Assize Court.

According to the expected report prepared by Hasan B, qualified sexual assault, "LMA deprivation of liberty by algebra, and threat, endurance and offense," extermination of crime victims; Circumcised these, "simple sexual assault", "deprivation of liberty", "threat"; Hüseyin קן will appear before the judge on December 11, 2019 for guys who hide the crimes.


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