Alinepe's statement from the Istanbul Police Department


The statement from Istanbul's Security Directorate stated the following statements:

"23.11.2018 in the province of Esenyurt province of Bağlarçeşme Serhan Tyrrare Mosque in front of the man who claimed that the Mayor of Esseniad Armed or Stony attack on the claim that the Istanbul Police Department to Eceniurt district police department officials in the work;

It is understood that the allegations in the aforementioned case did not reflect the truth, and the peddler ND. (44) was arrested and blocked on the same day.

Investigation on the theme continues.

It is presented to the public. "


According to a written statement made by the Istanbul Security Directorate, in front of Cherson Tyrit Mosque in Baglarcesme District of Esenyurt, Mayor Ali Muat Alatepe's vehicle, armed or stony attack on the allegations that Esenyurt District Police Deputy officials did.

As a result of this study, it was understood that the allegations did not reflect the truth. In this incident, the podeler nd. (44), who was determined to discuss with the police in the municipality, was rejected. A cutting tool is found on the suspect.

The investigation continues.

American Mayor Ali Muat Alateep, another correspondent, said in a statement Friday on the exit of Moscow at the Moscow exit, when the Moscow saw a mobility in front of the vehicle, saying: "I never come face to face with this Man.

The governor of Esenyurt Esenyurt, Vural Karagül said that the news about an armed attack on Alatepe is unfounded.

"A mobile car insurance company wants to talk to him and then a dispute between the police and the mobile carrier comes out, and the mobile dealer picks up a rock and then hits the floor, the man is Then he was taken into custody by the police. The incident did nothing to do with the president.

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