7 reasons for back pain – a real agenda


Pain is often interpreted as a herniated disc, and due to the risk of operative activity in the early period, the possibility of diagnosis and treatment is disregarded.

However, each pain is not a sign of hernia and can be considered as a sign of an important disease.

Kayseri Memorial Hospital for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Uz. Dr. Did İpek give information about back pain and the causes of the back.

Lumbar hernia in youth, the cause of pain in calcification of the elderly

Lumbar pain is more common in youth than in the spinal cord and spondylosis. In the lower back of the spinal cord due to canal stenosis, there are problems with the legs of the legs and a reduction in walking. Patients are taken by the doctor for severe pain and sometimes loss of strength. One of the major causes of back pain is rheumatic diseases. The most common of these is called an ankylosing spondylitis Bunlar. Furthermore; infections, spread of cancer in any organ in the body or bone cancer, metabolic causes, pain and pain reflected by internal organs are most often shown as causes of back pain.

Back pain can be due to these 5 reasons

Daily life habits are an important factor that triggers back pain. Most of the pain is of mechanical origin, which is due to excessive use, strain or deformation of the structures that make up the spine. Pain in the lumbar area, which makes it difficult to stand and sit and restricts movement, usually indicates the herniated plate. However, the severity and location of pain depend on the person to the person. Therefore, only pain is not a sufficient measure for liver diagnosis. Back pain is most commonly seen for the following reasons:

1. Raising a heavy load, unintentional trauma and particularly demanding movements adversely affect the structure of the vertebrae. With the deterioration of the structure, a disk between the vertebrae appears and a herniated disc appears. Malfunctions of the vertebrae also cause slip and pain in the waist.

2. Dead lifespan and overweight are among the causes of back pain. Lack of activity due to deprivation of the muscle belt and excess weight of heavy loads causes back pain.

3. Excessive stress is an important factor that in any way negatively affects the human body. Lumbar pain is more common in people with high stress groups.

4. Choosing the wrong beds and chairs strengthens the path of back pain. Pain in the lower back of the spine can become chronic due to ergonomic beds and office chairs.

5. Long-term wear in the joints is eventually converted into calcification. Calculation due to aging is one of the causes of back pain.

6. It has been proven that smoking has caused back pain.

7. Lumbar pain is more common in some occupational groups. Including; long distance drivers, users of vibrating tools (asphalt or concrete breakers), heavy lifting and long-term workers.

Attention to rheumatic diseases!

It is known that the problem is progressing, and the pain becomes chronic, when patients with a quality of life do not use the necessary treatment due to back pain. In particular, a rheumatic disease called ud ankylosing spondylitis wrap is a health problem that can be observed in young men. In this disease, unlike herniated disc, pain does not rest, but increases. Even if there is no obvious pain in the ankle, ankylosing spondylitis may cause ankles, headache, knees and ankles. It is advisable for a patient to consult an expert after morning in the morning if the dog lasts more than one hour.

8 criteria for painting

For people suffering from back pain, medical imaging is based on criteria called Bel Red Flag Bel.

1. If a person has suffered severe trauma, such as a fall from a height, a traffic accident,

2. Permanent, progressive and non-mechanical pain,

3. If there is a recurring or recurring back pain.

4. If there is a history of cancer, the use of cortisone, substance abuse, the history of HIV infection and excessive alcohol consumption,

5. If there is a deflection bending brake,

6. If complaints occur, such as prolonged fever, weight loss,

7. Sudden loss of feeling in the legs,

8. In the event of bladder and bowel problems, medical imaging is required.

Multilayer approach to treatment

In the treatment of pain in the backbone, a commonly used multi-faceted approach is used. The treatment plan is first initiated with detailed reviews and reviews.

Mechanical back pain; treatment with medicines, rest, methods of physical therapy, muscle strengthening in the waist and lifestyle changes.

Urgent surgical procedures may be necessary in a very small proportion of those with mechanical back pain, such as those who have a loss of sensation in their feet. Patients with rheumatic back pain should be under regular monitoring and monitoring. The success of treatment with antiretroviral drugs, which has been used in recent years, is increasing.

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