12 No Winner Anyone! Master of the World Championship champion for one million Euro


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We are witnessing one of the most exciting finals of the World Championship held since 1886. Two great names, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana in London's British capital, can not beat each other in 12 matches.

The two names that have not been able to strike each other since November 9 will face an accelerated series called 'Armageddon' Which could result in the last morning.

BBC According to the Turkish NewsWorld Champion since 2013, 27-year-old Norwegian player Magusus Carlson and 26-year-old American rival, Fabiano Caruana, are fighting for the 1,000,000 euro prize.

If Karuana wins, he will go down in history as the first American chess player to win the title in 1972 after Bobby Fisher's victory.

In the last game, which is played in the soundproofed room where the players' Heart heard, Carlce offered a draw to his opponent after three hours. Struggle.

He was recorded as the most competitive game in history.

The 12-digit series was the most challenging in the history of the World Championships since 1886.

In accelerated games, Karlsson is seen as a favorite.

Gary Casparov, a former champion, left the offer of a Twitter message on Twitter that indicated that Carlsan's nerves were released.

How many minutes does the games take in the tournament? How do the rules change in Armageddon?

In normal games, each player is given 100 minutes and this time is increased as the game progresses.

This means that the player will be able to look in the chess for minutes without the big masters doing anything. But in the fast series that will break the equality 25 minutes, 4 games are played. Ten additional seconds after each move.

Two flashes (flash) games are then played. In these games, players are five minutes each and every three seconds after each move. The players are more likely to make mistakes in fast games.

If casualty still does not go off, the chess players are awful dream & # 39; Is considered to be a winner and surely will be passed to Armageddon.

At Armageddon, black was considered a winner. White plays for more than a minute on black.

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