Weather-Sukonwat Khwang News Ambush only adapt to camping. Sleeping tents for men


May 10 at the Rise floor, 1st floor Central Westgate has organized events Nong hay Best 2019 With a young hero Weather Forecast After the event, the reporter interviewed the actor who was adjourned to build a house in Chao Yai.

Photos from Aig

See that buying a house as a building
"There is no way to see the picture going to work. That is, adjusting the ground to no buildings."

People are going to cleanse that plant or not.
"No, I did not see any comments. But no, I do not like built much, like trees, want a place. Where we went to buy a tree would be a tree that is an economic plant it is the wood that we like to take Relax With Friends But But There Are No Buildings "

Is it that he is great?
"Not in one of the provinces it is our dream would like to make a small camp very much, there is a small bathroom for bathing. I want a study center. When we leave the area want to do something about our site about planting trees "We already like because everything is perfect, we want a place where we go. Sleeping tents for people is to sleep at home. We can sleep in Bangkok."

Finished, will Bala go to go?
"Don't do much. It's enough to go camping. And we'll all share it with me as we grow. The planting trees are well? Is the weather good? We want to comment on many people. It's like me Dream like the documentary that he planted in his own area and it is cold with water would like to invite everyone "

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Large area?
"Not big"

Will go to the experimental space and do another place again?
"Don't do a lot, because they can't care to do as much as I think one room should be enough."

Have you ever taken Bella to watch?
"I think it's good enough. Enter the cold weather can't wait last time to check back to burn back the whole thing important to take off the shirt, worry about the work. Friends say they don't want to wear shirts.

Bella posted a picture of herself. Ready to write these caps "I look at you." We are going to notice that "I'm scared."
"It's a strange color. I don't know where this feature came from. I think there's a more captivating look."

Have we ever teased a younger brother, Hannah?
"Never. I don't riot (laughs)"

Recently saw us on a trip with Bella.
"For a long time, when he said that he was hot, he did not see the scuff seen smiling, smiling, fighting the camera, fitting it and practicing happily, the picture is still there."

Where do you plan to travel?
"This summer is hot, but I really like Thai people like summer. But if it is hot, but now the wind is coming, if someone's house is in the suburbs, I would get some wind. Is very hot waiting for a moment when it gets cold to the fullest "

Show that preparing to go camping
"The rainy season is a bit difficult. But when is it free? I like to escape."

Thank you. Photos from Aig: Weir 19

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