Thongchai – Deep with beat the Thai PGA year end match for 3 million


Thongchai - Deep with beat the Thai PGA year end match for 3 million

Pro Thongchai Jaidee, the legend of the Thai move and the deep Pro Limpasut move, the young Thai star in the Corn Fairy Tour of the United States, has responded that they will join to create a colorful career for the Thailand PGA Tour professional Golf tournament “Sing-S”. AT Khon Kaen Championship 2020 “will be held December 17-19 at Singha Park Khon Kaen Golf Club.

The program, the Professional Golf Association of Thailand together with the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), under the support of Singha Corporation Co., Ltd., under the measure to prevent the epidemic of COVID-19 from the government sector is Strictly the competition will be held during the 17-19 December, winning a total prize of 3 million baht. The champion will receive a prize of 360,000 baht at Singha Park Golf Club, Khon Kaen Golf Club, 72, 7496 yards.

From the latest revelations, Pro Thongchai Jaidee, the legendary move from Thailand, the first 1 Asian tour hand, 3 times from Lopburi ready to participate in the competition to make a splash for the final match of the season, now Pro Thongchai is advanced To senior level and is a permanent member of the PGA Tour champions, but due to the epidemic situation. From the coronavirus, eight European Tour owners’ swing are still training and waiting to compete in the United States.

In addition to the Pro Thongchai, there is also an intensive, 23-year-old Lim Fasut move, which is currently playing in the US. It. Corn Ferry Tour, which is a secondary tour of the PGA Tour, and has experienced competing in the United States as Rookie. Agree to also participate in the competition, which is deep, and returned to Thailand after season in the United States and will return to the United States in mid-January.

Regarding the current situation of the trip, Chan Charonkul is still leading in the order of merit rank with accumulated cash points totaling 602,900 baht, with “Pro Coconut” Panupon Pittayarat ranked number 2 with accumulated prize money. 594,633 baht and a “rise” very economical. Saeng Jom Gao of Hua Hin ranks third at 409,216 baht, with the first qualifying round on December 16 to recruit 30 golfers to the tournament round. Next comment

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