The small diesel pumped up the duo pete supper.


Diesel Petit Supan Fat

I'm almost burned !!! Pity Petchrungrun diesel knee sports center I'm not sure if this is the case. This is a small diesel. The joy of returning to 5-1, but it's always up to him. On Friday night, November 23, 2561, in the Lumphini Stadium, Luchttai Tongchai Petchrungruuen lifted two pistols after collapsing after the jungle.

Battle of Diamonds Soup The Lumpyny Twin Top Petit Petchrrruen (Red) found a small diesel sports center, Chachoengsao (blue) co-ordinates £ 126. The first referee always plush off the first time, always the best. At the end of the drive, the scooter starts to move. Diesel engines are out of stock.

Shoot three small diesel, accelerate the game, shake the ball in the knee hit the knee is strong, the price is going to jump. But the top bridge right, bump the punch in the ring, and then bold it out to do it all three times, always hit the joy of four small diesel walking in the lock. It was a good bridge but the solid fighters were hit by a small diesel block, stabbed in the face until the symptoms were clear. A small diesel lift lifted the knee again, and then all set up all the little small diesel 80-1.

Finally, the joy of punching a fist punch. Diesel small flea to see. I am pleased to be a Fighter Punch Puncher as a minor deputy price cut drastically small diesel to get a lot of time to hit the excitement, walk the punch and punch right under the abdomen. Before moving to small diesel to move the race across the top 5-1 to capture the judge to hold the same best by the Director of Excellence in the Arts to win the 49-48, Boonlett Kaewpitak and Upsak. Always 48-48 tons of boxing fans are dragging the field because of the win.

Second, Thongchai Ptchrungruen (red) found jungle Jungwattana (blue), 132 pound shots, open the Thongchai to 3-2, referee Pongpan Ratonunhorn first. I do not even play the boxing jungle fist swing shark punch lunch elbow. I'm not afraid to criticize the Tongchai. The fist of the first fist plus the fist full of jowls, but standing up quickly, but the Commission did not count all the two races to 10-1, three jungle fights, wrestling, knee strike, but the boxing weapons. It is clear that the price flowing to the third run up to 25-1-4. The fourth jungle rush to hit the fist punch but do not do anything. Tongchai managed to catch the bridge, kicking the bridge all the way out of the situation, quietly running out of four Thongchai to the lack of money to catch the last bush teeth chewing teeth punch elbow, but the elbows are not left. Thongchai managed the game. The winner of the vote with a score of 50-47, the three votes of the director of Pistachit Thapaporn,

The results of the other couple of good nopparat nopparat won the Diamonds Burapa Petchrrrruen, the warlords, teachers, winners score 9 million noble, the flag of the gods, smells cracking a blow. Krungssri Auto 3, Diamond Cheek, Saengtan (Cambodia) defeated Ajax Teacher, Banker, Banker, Yale Thai Residence

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