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The secret to mosquitoes is to select prey.


Believing that everyone on the planet knows "mosquitoes" and probably bitten bitten. Cause many people to believe that you know the mosquito because you see it every day, but do you know that many mosquitoes have little to know? Mosquitoes have strange things. That you may never know and believe that if you know you will never know the mosquitoes. What are some things? Try to read better.

The 1st mosquito can use small wings to fly through bad weather.

Many people know that everybody has a weight and is 50 times larger than mosquitoes. Most people think mosquitoes can't fly through the rain for sure.

But actually, not all mosquitoes can fly through the rain. Due to the small and slow flight, reducing the impact of rainwater health causes no rain to affect the flight of mosquitoes

2. Mosquitoes do not suck blood

In most cases, we will think of mosquitoes sucking blood. To be the main food and will suck when hungry, but back together, the mosquito came to suck this man's blood most of them are mosquitoes to prepare to lay eggs. Therefore, it sucks blood because it needs nutrients to add eggs. Therefore, male mosquitoes never suck human blood into their lives.

3. Mosquitoes choose victims to suck blood.

If we ever notice when you are sitting with many people but some people do not get hit by mosquitoes but the other man was hit by a mosquito bite, this is not the type of thinking that is ever understood, but because mosquitoes will pick the victim. Eat blood.

By mosquitoes, it is often picked up to bite men's shirt color, body temperature is the amount of carbon dioxide in the breath and bacteria on the skin.

4. Mosquitoes suck blood to death without feeling

Mosquitoes are animals that use the abdomen as a nerve to provide information to the brain. The mosquito will continue to suck blood. Never keep sucking until the stomach is broken and the mosquitoes are kept deformed.

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