Suggest 3 diseases that can be cured by themselves do not need antibiotics Damn the punishment of drug use


  • 3 diseases that disappear on their own without relying on antibiotics
  • Someone died from “drug-resistant bacteria” more than 38,000 people per year
  • The penalty for the widespread use of antibiotics

Over the years the situation “Antibiotic-resistant bacteria condition” From Thailand this is more than 38,000 people to die from drug-resistant bacteria per year, which is one of the very important factors that contribute to the is the crooked use of drugs it is used in diseases that do not need to be used as follows.

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A disease that can disappear on its own without failing antibiotics

  • Diarrhea or diarrhea (diarrhea)

With a liquid or watery defecation more than usual or sometimes transfused with bloody mucus often caused by infections or food poisoning. After eating food contaminated with germs the symptoms will last for several days. But in some cases, it may be chronic for a long time. Which may be caused by other diseases

By common symptoms of diarrhea there will be fluid defecation. Take more than 3 times more water than normal for each person. Or if a bloody mucus is taken once or more in 24 hours, in some cases, other symptoms may be accompanied, such as abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, fatigue, nervousness and fever, although diarrhea is often a mild symptom. However, this can cause suffering and become chronic and cause other diseases. Follow up later Patients should seek immediate medical attention if they experience the following symptoms.

– Dehydration or diarrhea for more than 2 days For young children or infants, if symptoms last more than 1 day, should seek medical attention. Due to the risk of death due to dehydration

– There is severe pain in the abdomen or rectum.

– Heat above 39 degrees Celsius

– Bloody or black stools

For treatment of diarrhea most do not need any specific treatment. Because disease will gradually get better by itself but the patient should drink a lot of water. Or drink mineral powder to compensate for the loss of water and minerals

  • Cold – sore throat (cold) – (sore throat)

Colds are caused by viruses. Which may cause stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, sneezing, headache, body aches and have fever the sore throat is sore, itchy or irritated in the throat. And it may make it difficult to swallow water or food a sore throat may also be accompanied by symptoms such as dry throat, hoarseness, swollen and red tonsils, white or pus specks. And most of them tend to disappear in a few days. Unless there are complications

For treatment of sore throats caused by viral infections for example, the common cold usually disappears in 5-7 days without medication. Patients can relieve sore throats by gargling with warm salt water, drinking warm water with ice crystals. Or take medicine to relieve pain and fever, which you can buy in pharmacies such as paracetamol. In addition, it is important to get enough rest. Drink plenty of water and eat foods that are beneficial for health

  • The bleeding wound is clean.

Wounds to the body can occur from an external accident, such as a cut, a fall, a car crash and damage to the tissues in the area. These sores often appear as open sores on the skin. And there is blood or oozing from the wound. If the wound is small, shallow or not severe patients can wash the wound by themselves at home. You may use fresh wound healing drugs that can be purchased at pharmacies under the advice of a pharmacist.

For the guilt of the innocuous use of antibiotics

  • Waste have to pay for expensive antibiotics
  • The risk of drug allergy with an itchy rash is felt in the chest shortness of breath, shock and possibly death.
  • Side Symptoms The range of mild symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea to severe symptoms such as hepatitis, blindness and ruptured Achilles tendon.
  • Drug resistance makes antibiotics more dangerous, expensive or impossible to find.

However, everyone can reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics. As well as do not buy the drug yourself if you feel unwell, always consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this medication. To prevent adverse effects that may occur in the future.

Author: Kanok sound spokesperson

Graphics: Jutaphun Sooksamphun

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