SEC extends the Earth to clarify rights in coal mines


SEC extends "Energy Earth" to explain information on the reality of two coal mines in Indonesia since November 61 and reports on the fair value of its rights. Coal mines in December 61 from the maturity date of 9 October 561 by disclosure via the SET information system.

EARTH Public Company Limited or EARTH explains the existence and fair value of coal rights in Indonesia. The information shall be disclosed through the information system of the Exchange in Thailand within 60 days of the date the Central Bankruptcy Court issued the license. You do not intend to do an evaluation of the coal industry. Which was due on October 9, 2011.

However, EARTH CORPORATION ADVISORY SERVICES Co., Ltd. as a rehabilitation planner, EARTH requested SEC to extend the period of submission of the declaration and information on the existence of the mine. Coal is in November 2018 and the results of the survey of the fair value of coal rights. Until December 2018 from the original maturity date received above. As the amount of net accusation for such an act is approved by the court. Less real costs. It takes time to solve the problem, including negotiating with consultants to allow them to continue their work. Current agreement with the consultant.

SEC considered extending the deadline for EARTH to clarify information on the existence of two coal mines in Indonesia. Until November 2018 and the results of the review of the fair value of coal rights. By December 2018, information will be disclosed via the Thai information system at the same time.

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