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"Parena" flat "main" bullies "on Saravut." Drainage people do not stand respect. The manager can only think of this to see SF.


Mp, celebrities, the prachuaphikhir states State party, back to the case of "major synplex" using the law to intimidate "Ain Saravut" actors as it was posted in the picture. Stated "If the management thinks this is just going to see SF" watching movies without having to stand up.

From the case of "On Sarawut Tumthong", the famous actor recorded a man who did not stand to respect the anthem. The 10-year-old Majestic King Vajira Clao, who heads the 10 reigns before deleting the post while the Facebook main group, Sinplex Group Public Company Limited, posted Facebook on a similar road threatened with filming while the movie was shown. 6 months to 4 years or adjusted from 100,000-800,000 baht or both, even Saravut did not shoot while the cinema but main synplex tried to use this word as already presenting "secret filming while the film is shown"

Reading composed: "Major", picking up the law, threatening "on Saravut", not allowing people to respect "anthem"

Today (July 23) Miss Parena Kraikupt, MP, Ratchaburi Power Party Post a personal Facebook message stating that "When major executives can only think of it, go to see a movie that SF understands." "Another encouragement for Saravut."

While Mr. Canopy vongsac news anchor for new television television a post stating that frustrated with the fact that Facebook page Major has posted similar threats to Saravut despite not taking pictures while the movie was screened. However, Major Cineplex has used the word "secretly filming while filming" and how many people could know it now, if not standing while the praise song was playing in the cinema is not kept wrong the main page posted a message. It is a matter of misrepresenting the law. Both actions do not go into the fault

"I understand you. In an era where you don't know how to meet people like Cheng (Ms. Pornanika Wanich, MP, list of the new future party), posted a success in watching movies without having to stand upright, to respect Praise songs and I can decide now to watch the movie in SF, "said Kanok.

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