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Maya Fayao accelerates mosquito elimination after seeing 53 dengue fever


June 15, Dr. Kraisuk Phetburanin, Phayao Public Health Minister, Fayao Province reveals that "Faya, Pure Road, Nice Look 3, collects 3 diseases of Aedes mosquitoes," focusing on garbage collection, garbage collection and garbage disposal in the general government office building or the destruction of debris. Water or rain support water will be a breeding area for mosquitoes Destructive activities that breed mosquitoes This month's leader in 2019 was considered and ready to expand the project to government agencies – local administrators 'Ve organizations – private sector and individuals in fayao area, 68 sub-districts, 9 districts, according to the reginyal policy aiming to develop the province keep clean under the vision "fayao, clean, daball city"

The health officials of the Bomb Tom Subdivision Municipality, Muang Fayao, together with the public health volunteers (Moo) in the area of ​​14 villages in Ban Tom Sub-District, more than 50 people have taken fogging machines. Spray fog at the Baan Tom area and disposal of the mosquito larva According to the water source, the source of the controversy together with the information of the Provincial Public Health Office allowed a total of 53 Danish patients to be found in six districts, 17 districts, 23, but no dead found. The most common patients are Chiang Kama District, Yuan Sub-District, Nam Van Sub-District, Thung Fa Suk Sub-District. Mae Chai Subdistrict, Vaek Pa Subdistrict, Ban Lau Subdirectory and Huai Lan Subdirectory, Railway Customs Subdirectory, Duck Hamtai District (June-8 June 62) Prevention and Prevention of Dengue Fever because the disease situation usually occurs during the rainy season each year


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