Intelligent processes to overcome the field for rice The fine money The action was filed.


"Genius" develops the process of harvesting rice. The factory Many contracts. Before your teeth. I do not know what to do.

In the case of the Victims Support Club, the club helped a victim who was deceived in the production of boxes in the form of boxes. Check with this. This factory was deceived by many people, so the club was sent to the doctor. Accelerate the investigation with the owner of this plant. And there will be another offense.

Then Mr. Achariya Ruangratanapong President, Crime Victim Assistance Center Make Facebook Live Claim Claims I do not know what to do. Miss. I am born from Uttaradit, who is the artist. There are many lawsuits. Fraud abuse of drug possession. In the area of ​​Pichai Phaya Man, Uttaradit province and Sai Yoi in Phitsanulok province. Between an insurance company

With three promises of fraud, the first contract was, and Mrs Thitip was deceiving her husband. As a contractor with a victim. To order a box of ten thousand concession boxes for 5 years, if you do not reimburse 350,000 baht.

Contract no. 2 is aqueous color, 10,000 bottles / day, 2 days before 7 am. If not delivered, it must be fined 150,000 baht

The third contract is cooked eggs for sending 10,000 sets a day, each set of three bubbles, if not accepted, is fined 200,000 baht.

Initially, the victim who sold the tree offered Mrs. Thanita to prepare rice boxes. However, it is changed to the amendment between the Treaty. The deal is ten thousand boxes. If it is not done Will it lose the contract price of 106,000 baht.

The victim was raised relatives. Do it all day and night. By 7 o'clock, it was claimed that the purchase of 106,000 baht

Mrs. Tanita also deceived her relatives. The same contract You have to pay for Fine and stress as long as the blood vessels in the brain die.

Last morning. They coordinated with the police. Accelerate the case. Thank you! The staff is Ms. Thanita and her husband invited to hear the defendant before the charge of fraud.

The story of Mrs Tanita is all around. Factory in Phitsanulok. Specified in the Concession No.

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