I just lost my mother for 2 months. The 9-year-old girl had to be orphaned. The father repeatedly woke up.


A 9-year-old daughter is sitting in a big daddy’s hand. Weeping tears wake up, do not wake up. I just realized that my father was nftr. Two months earlier, he had just died. Expected to be cold until the shock is extinguished.

On December 6, 2020, Police Lieutenant Colonel Vika Srivasut, Deputy Inspector (Investigation), Laoluang Police Station, Buengkan Province, was informed by Mrs. Kanokwan Rattanosoth, age 50, that there were the deceased in Dong Bang, Wijo. No. 5, Ban Dong Bang, Dong Bang Sub-District, Bueng Hong Long District, Bueng Kan Province. Lt. Col. Jaroonsak Lamputha, Deputy Director of the Royal Thai Police, Acting Chief of Staff of Laoluang Police, Dr Tharadol Mungkantiwongsakul, Doctor Bueng Khong Long Hospital and the Rung Association Buang Hong Hong Fu Fu Langka

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The scene was opened as a car repair shop. Inside the office room found a body. Mr Suthirak Satipha, 44, a car mechanic in Surin Province, was killed on the ground. With a thin blanket covering only one piece of body on the body there are no injuries or signs of injury. Expected to have died no less than 10 hours.

On the side of the body of the deceased, MD A (fictional name), age 9, the daughter of the deceased. Sitting sorry cry, hugging the body and holding his father’s hand, refusing to leave, with Miss A saying that he lay with his father all night, but with a different blanket. When I wake up every day, my dad wakes up first to get up and work. But today his father wondered why he woke up late so he woke up and shook himself with his hand but the father did not wake up. But I did not tell anyone yet, because I do not know who my father is. I thought that maybe my dad was very tired so he did not wake up.

While Mrs. Kanokwan, the owner of the auto repair shop and the deceased landlord, said that the deceased had worked as a garage mechanic for more than 10 years and therefore loved and bonded as relatives he is a good-natured man, could not Behaving badly, dear children, had responsibility and hard work in which he opened two car garages, Bueng Kan and Chonburi

2 months ago the wife of the deceased who works in the Chonburi branch garage died due to overdose, Ms. A moved to live with her father in the garage. Usually the dead have no underlying disease. Before they eat dinner every day, they usually drink a bottle of beer before 3pm and go to bed.

And he said to cover many blankets before going to bed because during this time the weather had changed a lot late at night, the temperature was low, only about 12-13 degrees Celsius. The dead also said they were asked to wake up late because it was a holiday. Until such a preliminary death the temperature drops sharply to the extreme cold. Can cause shock, so it is cold to death the corpse of the dead save Bueng Hong long took the relatives to Surin Province for the religious ceremony.

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