Forest Conservation Party frightens the government to work with all parties




"Damong Fiddet" dodged the survey, saying that no one has approached the Forest Conservation Party to join the government and work with all parties Do not care for the chair. Just ask to work for the environment. If not, I would be an independent opposition

On May 11, Mr. Dumong Fiddet, the leader of the Forest Conservation Party of Thailand, is now approaching the government of the Thai Forest Conservation Party. Don't know if you've explored yet? But ready to join the government with all parties through the conditions of the government do not need to be a minister. Because it is a small party with only 2 voices. Just ask to work in natural resources and the environment as they are right. For the country not to go to other work without knowing if not after that, please be an independent opposition.

The affirmation will not touch other small parties. To negotiate the position of quota minister, as everyone is free, he is not a lobbyist. Today, the country is facing many environmental problems. Both dust, PM2.5, forest fires, chemicals must be solved quickly.

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