"End of waiting?" Liverpool vs. Wolves … by "Territory."


List : Premier League 2018/19
Date / time of competition : Sunday May 12, 2019 at 9pm
Field : Anfield
Live broadcast : Be Sports 2 & amp;

It can be called a World Cup league full of fun and excitement. As well as the fans around the world are waiting English Premier League season 2018/2019 Between the top 20 teams of the British Isles over 38 matches packed over the season, the Premier League can be sure that the ball does not respond to any changes.

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This pair of games compete in Sunday night, May 12, 2019 at 9pm. Sports 2 & TrueID app

Liverpool availability

"Reds" have to go down the field with two conditions, which is to defeat Wolves. To be the first to plead for Human City to stumble upon the grass at the AMEX Stadium

Even in both theory and practice, we are more likely to see "blue sailboat" missed which is quite heavy. But in this world there is nothing that is impossible in particular, the character of the movie "Happiness with tears of grief" can be over every second. Therefore, the only thing that Gerchen Klop and his team should be focused on first. Before thinking about giving Manchester City a stumbling block, which is going down to play in the final match of the season with Wolverhampton with fun, luck and all that is "victory"

The cheats of the game that cheated death in Barcelona proved to be the second most expensive goalkeeper in the world not a coincidence. Alison's countless saving time, as a guarantee of securing this position as the next hand, did not change the rear-flying panel on either side of Trent Alexander-Arnold. That made the best performance in the last two matches matched with the left-back captain of the Scottish national team as Andrew Robertson.

This pair of games, Klopp would not risk using Dejan Lovain again and Joel Matip, who returned to the match with Vergil Van Dick, the most expensive defender in the world and the award winning player of the year.

The midfielder, with the excellent work of Georgio Vijnalnum, believes that the game, Boss, will give the opportunity to show the form continuously and put Jordanian Henderson in the box. To Box by allowing the game to be a part of Fabinho, while Nabekeita last had to pull the curtain off this season. Another injury to the Jacob Miller area of ​​the groin is waiting for the second half of the course.

Three interruptions in the offensive line, clop must be checked for the ability of Roberto Fermino to be ready for this important match, but if not, the German coach still has a card. Aki Orisi, who is in the best moment of his life, with Saddam and Mohamed Salah, who has been confirmed for sure, is hoping to break the door as quickly as possible to relieve the pressure on the field

Availability Wolverhampton

Can be called to travel to Anfield in a non-piggy state, even less so for "Wolves" Wolverhampton which guarantees that the top 7 of the table is completed with a great game form after winning three consecutive matches plus this year, they still show off Giants in the league since chasing Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Arsenal. Noo Esperito Santo is still completely full.

The Portuguese team will be able to capture the top-class team at the moment. This is the main tactic for the final game of the season in Anfield. By placing the child in love with the same house as raw patriotic, a master of the first hand, the three defensive posts. Lily Boli and Ryan Bennett are dealing with the offensive line of the local god

The middle of the game on both sides of the line will be with Matt Doherty with Jonathan "Jonny" Castro. The middle pack is also the main set for Reuven and News. This roll of rolls has been introduced into the world, if the world is not broken. Jiménez, who has Wolf's goal אַפּן beat Liverpool in the FA Cup since then.

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Premier League

List of 11 players expected to enter the field

Liverpool : Alison, Trent, Alexander-Arnold, Vergil van Dijk, Dejan Lofen, Andrew Robertson, Jordan Hae Anderson, Giorgio Giulnalum, Faroño, Roberto Fermino, Sado mane, Mohamed salah

Wolverhampton : Raw Patricia, Ryan Bennett, Conco Kady, Willi Bola, Math Doherty, Reuben New, Jonathan "Jonny" Nitro, Les Anderdenker, Joao Moutinho, Deo Joe Jote, Roul Wan Jimen

Interesting statistics

  • The last time Wolves hit Liverpool on Anfield was to go back in December 2010 in this game. They broke the wings "reds" to reach the Nest 0-1 of Stefan Ward's goal.
  • 57 points out that "Wolves" can be considered at this time the best performance of the new team promoted to play in the Premier League, second only to Ipswich Town, which scored 66 points before finishing 5 in 2000/01
  • If Liverpool hosted the Reds, they would not win the league by one hundred percent. They will also make a record as a team with a lower ranking like the Top 6 which can hit the top 6 teams in the top 5, including Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, including Arsenal and Liverpool.
  • The only way to win Liverpool is to finish the game with only victory. With a chance to win Manchester City without winning Brighton


Cheating death in Barcelona in the European Cup is a major turning point, which was the right time for the "reds" because that means moving to increase confidence before making a significant battle with Wolverhampton has enough raw material, though many people are worried about Liverpool. Could be poisoned, heat, stress to play. But with the conditions that have to do their best to be first while visiting team even in good shape but with different motives plus the conditions that are quite different still can't imagine how the DOCOCO JOTA would be able to break the iron curtain as the saying goes. Dngk in this match

Believe that this game will be a resident who is in front of a fun door. With an atmosphere of hope in Anfield that would allow Manchester City to miss just one match this season, sure Klopp and his team will be able to successfully complete the first mission – against Wu. Hampton Lousy

Expect a score
Liverpool 4-0 Wolverhampton walkers

"Khan Ca Land"

Premier League

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