dtac announces the eSIM service for new iPhone models in 52 branches throughout the country


Many of the new iPhone users are expected to use eSIM, which will allow the iPhone to simultaneously use two mobile phones with mobile phone support. From October 31, 61, the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR began. DTAC's eSIM service is available at five locations in Bangkok. Dtac Service Center Central Council, Dtac Service Center Chamchuri Square, Dtac Service Center Central Pinklao, Dtac Service Center Siam Paragon In Dtac Service Center Central Ladprao

After 7 days confirm this. The service is continuous. Today, eSIM has expanded its service offering to 52 sales outlets across the country.

Peerapol chat Anantawach Head of mobile product line, dtac marketing For example, eSIM means an embedded SIM or SIM card installed on your device. In this case, the iPhone eSIM can enter up to 6 numbers that Apple first introduced in Apple Watch 3, this time in the new iPhone 3.

The new iPhone will have one SIM card and 6-digit eSIM (but only one number at a time).

Open 3 centric, simple and team-based concepts

The goal of the DTAC is to create the best customer journey. The service must be standard but not different from the original. The three key concepts are Customer centric, Simple and Teamwork.

Customer centric is a key customer. From the walk to the service center. Because it's a new SIM. Registration of QR code scanning and eSIM activation takes approximately 5 minutes.

The next issue is simple. That's easy. The system must work well. Dtac staff should function simply No complications. The user must be different from the original. They can also be used by employees. Or do this yourself by the staff. The result is

The last team work. Based on our first seven days service in all five service centers, almost 100% of our customers are impressed by the smooth and impeccable service. The trial service has not yet been officially published. But the buyers tell me. There are so many users. But the dtac can respond very well.

How good is eSIM?

A special eSIM is a record of no more than 6 numbers without the same camp, which means that the number of AIS, Truemes and Dtac on the same iPhone can do this. But this is enabled by the number. Convenient capabilities such as international number, use abroad, personal number or work in one. No need to carry a SIM card.

Activate by scanning the QR code, but for Thailand it appears in the service center.

Service provider eSIM is more widespread. The user wants to open a new number. Open a new service Do not worry about the number of SIM cards or numbers because eSIM is right on the system. There is no need to wait for the SIM card. There is no need for stock or distribution. Simply connect to the Internet. Find the QR code as soon as it is activated.

Part of the commercial and technology team that controls eSIM.

Finish it

eSIM is designed to allow users to register and open their own numbers. In Thailand, it is assumed that the number of users is still needed for assistance. Dtac sees the meaning of this point and plans to prepare him first so that he can serve you well. And who uses the new iPhone. You want to try eSIM for the dtac service center. Simply open eSIM for DTAC only once and a month before you need a customer.

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