Clearly clear which 7 digital TV channels & # 39; don't go next & # 39; Money, temptation, hope, clear loss


Wrong Loss – Provocative Remedy "7 Digital TV", "Night Channel"

Behind the digital TV operators "Magic drug" As the head of the NCPO order 4/2562 on the measures to solve the problem of television operations and telecommunications that opened the way for digital TV channels "Return the permit" Service can also be provided "Money Money" Relieve symptoms "Broken heart" When digital television industry is not as expected to open a letter of intent to Broadcasting Commission TV and the National Telecommunications Commission (NBC) in May 10, 2019

When the deadline is closed, the door receives a message of intention "Tacon Thothasit, "Secretary General of the NBC Showed that There are 7 digital TV licenses returned. 1. Broad TV 20 2. Voice TV 21 3.MCOT family 4. Channel 13 Family 5. Channel 28 "3SD" 6. Spring News channel 19 and 7 Spring 26 of Nazi group

August 7, "Black Screen"

"The NBTC board will automatically return all licenses to its applicants, but must continue to open the service until the board determines its end-of-August service."

The amount of money each channel can receive Depending on the financial documents that everyone must submit within 60 days

Formula for calculating compensation for a license return Is the limit that digital operators already paid for by the remaining license period (10 years) divided by the full license period (15 years), and then deducted from these privileges under the previous NCOPO order received subsidized network rental digital TV (Mux) satellite Canal Rental Use a General Image (Must Care)

"Let me give you an example of a formula for calculating money for easy understanding. In the case of digital TV, payment of 400 million bats is paid by the license, increased by 10 years and divided by 15 years. Will be 267 million baht, but the Max rental, Care and Profit must be removed first therefore will be left as the net amount the NBTC will return back to the channel that submitted the license. "

Thakornthanasit Secretary-General, NBTC

News reports indicate that rental rates and satellite channels that each pay channel is not the same as the NBTC will pay according to the amount specified in the bill Therefore, the benefits obtained from thinking of August 2019, which is expected to return to the "black screen" channel, the HD channel must be dedicated to the result in the formula calculated approximately 171.2 million baht per channel.

Going 3 billion

While the news report says preliminary remedy fee, the NBTC needs to pay for 7 digital TV channels that decided to return the full license to around 3,000 million bats.

"But these numbers are still not stable until the board determines the data for the black screen, because how long it will be broadcast will also receive funds to support the Must Property Test, which the NBTC will subsidize 100% according to the NCPO Directive previously provided. Subsidies until December 2019, including Council Ground Networks (MUXs) will be eligible for subsidies by June 2020 "

The digital TV channel, the NBC held at the end of 2013, all 24 commercial service channels, totally 50,862,000 baht.

When the "6 – 6 installments" decoding that the NCPO order sponsors do not resist paying 13,622.4 million baths and have 19 digital TV channels that have been submitted "Request for payment + installment debt" will have to pay an additional 3,215.2 Million batt (within 120 days), including that "NBC" must pay back 3 channels paid in the next, 986.6 million bats

In total, the digital TV auction at the end of 2013 will have a revenue of 34,310.2 million baht without any deductions. Less than 16,551.8 million bats for the auction operator

7 digital TV channels require a license return

Channel 3 gives the TV to spend much different from the auction.

Mr. Chachai Thiamthong, Secretary to the Board of Directors, BEC World PLC. Identify reasons for "Return the license" 2 digital TV channels of the subsidiary, BEC-Multimedia, namely Channel 28 SD and Channel 13 Family Because the board of directors Considered that television advertising industry changed the moment that the decision was made to participate in the auction, consumer behavior has changed according to technology, resulting in television advertising is not growing as assessed. Together with a high cost load, reducing the number of licenses will be eligible for these competitive conditions

BEC's financial performance at the end of 2018, Beck's total revenue was 10,375.7 million baht, a 6% decline and a net loss of 330.2 million. Consider the first loss in 48 years since doing business

"Spring News" expects a discount of over 730 million baths.

Mr. Arak Council Administration chief executive officer, News Network Corporation Plc. Specify the reason for returning the license. "Spring News 19" In the year 2014, loss of 111.30 million baths in 2015, loss of 34.59 million batt in 2016, loss of 211.45 million batt in 2017, loss of 19.28 million batt and loss of 2018 16.26

While the "Cancel Canal" will be funded by the NBC 730.10 million, 510.5 million US dollars and 5 installments will be returned to the company, which the company has already paid 21,60 million dollars.

It will also give the company more flexibility to become a content provider through digital media and new media in an era where consumers are changing rapidly. And also produce content for other TV channels

Returned "SPRING 26" is an error relief channel.

Mr. Somchai Meesen, Chief Executive Officer, Nation Multimedia Group Plc, or NMG Specify the reason for returning the license. "SPRING 26" (Now 26, once) that the board of directors consider that it would be a way to reduce the damage caused by past executives by former executives and receiving compensation will help solve the company's financial burden resulting in better liquidity. And will focus on the core business with expertise as print media content that has accumulated losses continuously over 2,405,000 baths

Voice TV at the end of the year 60, a loss of 354 million

Mr. Makin Petailai, Chief Executive Officer, Voice Television

Mr. McKin Petpailai, Chief Executive Officer Voice TV Company Limited Confirmed that after returning from the digital TV channel, Voice TV continues to work but changing technology to satellite TV and the platform to online media both on the YouTube website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter, emphasize that Voice TV was first broadcast by Satellite TV on June 29, 2009, before digital television channel broadcasting on May 1, 2014

While the Department of Business Development Department of Commerce's Ministry of Commerce's Specification of Limited Edition Limited at the end of 2017, net loss of 354,000,000 tons

Bright television hopes to accumulate losses

Mr. Somchai Rangsithananon, Chief Executive Officer of Bright TV Television Station When attending the meeting to explain the conditions of the NBTC license return on May 7, stating that, as far as broadcasting estimates are concerned, some 400 million will be recovered, while the company currently has accumulated a loss of 700 million bets after returning the license. Adapt to the online platform

While the Department of Commerce's Department of Commerce's Department of Commerce's Specification of Operational Broadcast Operations Limited at the end of 2017, $ 134 million net loss

MCOT returned the channel to get the remedy – not to pay the remaining installments

While MCOT Plc clarified to the stock exchange of Thailand that the return of Channel 14 MCOT Family, in addition to causing MCOT Plc. Still do not have to pay the 5 and 6 installment license

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