Burned! I'm not sure if it is. He sent a birthday gift to his friend


"I'm sorry," he said. Sidekick brings a yellow bear, represents a birthday, hangs a coffin.

Today, at 20:00 in the crematorium, Wat Klang4, Klong Luang, Pathumthani, Mr. Veronosuk Sukkha, aged 60, along with Ms Suksawan, 61 years old and relatives. One in five died in a helicopter tragedy outside the King Stadium Stadium in England and brought a coffin in which the body of the child was moving. From Sangthong Hall – Chao Wanwan The information procession surrounded by the shrub was then decided on 3 laps before leading up to the coffin placed on the shrub also brought the bear yellow. A friend bought him on the day of his birth on September 6th, to put him on a coffin.

Later at 4 pm, the host invited guests to prepare a total of 11 needle pipes, namely Mr. Veerote Suksomboon, Mrs. Suksawan Suksawan, Mrs. Wanasuda Suk, 2nd set, family tree, 3rd family 4. Pratunam g. Thanawat Akarawongthong President of Buriram City Council and Captain Nattacha Pongsingh Singh, 5th series, Namnuch Sangkasub, wife General Montri Sangkasub, former deputy commander, 6th Army group, Chayanan Kongpakdee. King Power Group and Mr. Tasporn Yiwat, General Manager, King Power Company Limited, Series 7, Mr. Manusprasert, Executive Director – On behalf of King Power and Khun Anong Chatchai, King Power No.8 Administration for Compensation and Welfare, Ms. Prateep Vongvong, Non Klang Luang and Sir Sirichai Trisasri, former Sheriff Clong Luang, Srichan Former Deputy Governor Nakhon Nayok

Then, at 16.30, a ceremony was held on the occasion of the appointment of the Deputy Permanent Secretary Lum Dhamm Pathum Thaniyah. And that was a great gift. It's the latest series Before thousands of people started to plant flowers. From both sides. When you're done Walking in front The family was waiting below. And she was happy to sit on the couch, cried, she crushed all the time, and then the relatives opened the coffin to see the last one. Before importing the stove

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