Allows 7 digital channels to be re-issued Aug. La Luek 15


More news from the return of digital TV licenses after the NCOPO ordered the use of M44 to help digital TV operators survive and people in the mass media have been thrilled for many days. Digital Television Channels Available Finally, the broadcast published on May 10, which was the final day of filing the exercise of the NQPO Directive in case digital TV operators want to return licenses and telecom operators want to expand 900 MHz spectrum auction 4 years to 10 years

Mr. Thanakorn Tanthasit, Secretary General of the Broadcasting Committee of the Television Business and the National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) announced the return of 7 licenses to digital operators and telecom operators that have digital TV operators. Including 1. Channel 14 (MCOT Public Company Limited) 2. Channel 3 Family (BEC-Multimedia Company Limited) 3. Channel 28 (3D D) (Channel Multimedia Company Limited) 4. Channel 19 (Spring News TV Company Limited) 5 Channel 20 (wide TV f Company Limited) 6. Channel 21 (Voice Television Company Limited) 7. Channel 26 (Bangkok Business Broadcasting Company Limited) by Digital TV of the original 24 hours previously, two licenses have been revoked: Thai TV Company Limited, Today, Tim TV Poll or Mrs. Funchia Sakanchai owned. Digital TV with the remaining 15 channels

Mr. Thorny added that the prime minister, Gen. Prayut Chan-Osha, has given much importance and concern. Since the announcement of the M44, the NBTC has deposited the issue of employee termination, after the digital TV license. To consider paying compensation for digital TV as well as asking to take good care of employees who were terminated in addition to the company that had to pay legal compensation

Mr. Thornor added that for the next step all 7 digital TV operators must submit financial documents to the NBC to consider including the plan to stop broadcasting. NBTC also expects it to take at least 60 days after it will offer a board. NBTC has approved the plan to complete the broadcast when the NBTC board has announced all 7 digital TV channels should inform the public that from now on, 30 days will end the broadcast. Preliminary forecast will cover all 7 channels as of August 2019

Secretary-General of the Broadcasting Commission said that for telecom operators, they have issued a letter requiring permission to extend the 900 MHz spectrum auction from 4 years to 10 years. The 3 cases include the Advanced Information Service Company. Limited (Public Company Limited or AIS Full Access Communications Public Company Limited or DTAC and Truemove Universal Commune Limited to even claim a claim will be reserved for the company because waiting to see the Rules and conditions of the NBC's 700 MHz spectrum allocation to allocate on June 19, 2562, if not satisfied with the NBTC's price and can withdraw from receiving the right to extend the installment payment of the wave auction.

"I am sure all 3 mobile campers will receive a 700 MHz spectrum allocation of 15 MHz, certainly because of the mobile camp's opportunity. To get the spectrum to service the people and get 10-year installments with this NBTC allocation will receive money. 75,000-81,000 million baths, which the NBTC has to pay for the digital TV refund, licensed and supported by digital television

For the remaining 15 digital TV channels over the license period, "Thoughts said. For the limit of the NBC is expected to use the digital TV to help. 30,000-35,000 million bats are divided into over $ 18,000 million license expenses. The original 22 channel batt, but when the number of channels is 15 channels, the amount to pay for the rental costs must be reduced accordingly, and do not have to pay for the 5 and 6 installments, the amount of traffic. 13,000 million Bat, including compensation for the channels that return the expected license approximately 4,000 million bats

Reporters reported that the announcement of the rules methods and conditions of compensation due to the return of the license to use the digital TV service assign the formula to return the money to digital TV the money that the digital TV has already paid multiplied by the remaining license Age (9.5 years) divided by the license age (15 years) used to calculate the first finding that 1st Channel 3 family can return money 241 million baht 2. Channel 19 Spring News can return money 520 million baths 3. Channel 20 wide TV Channel 4 MCOT limit 231 million baht 6. Channel 28 (Channel 3 SD) limit 941 million batt 7. Channel 26 spring 877 million batt, total of approximately 3.820 million Bath

For all digital TVs, there are 24 channels open to private interested parties to receive auction documents on October 28-29, 2013, divided into 3 children and youth program groups. There are 6 bidders receiving documents, news and content groups. 7 channels. Receiving documents 10 people: Variable list of standard definition (SD) 7 channels. With high standard definition (HD), 9 channels with 9 receivers to receive documents

Later, in April 2014, all 24 digital TV channels were first broadcast and May 2014 was broadcasted officially. Subsequently, Thai TV company was not able to pay the 2 channel auction amount until it was correct. License revocation on November 1, 2015 until now, digital TV has lost 5 years.

Authorized Return of the Digital TV Service Spectrum Reversal Found that there are currently listed companies in the Thailand Stock Exchange (SET) Stock Exchange of Thailand's 3 Channel Stocks, including News Network Corporation. PLC Return License Channel 19 Spring News from Spring News TV Company Limited is a subsidiary company. McOte returned the category of Children, Youth and Families, Channel 14 Emotional Family and National Multimedia Group Plc., Returned the Spring Channel 26 license or formerly known as Chong Na26.
Husband Thanaporn said Thawepanich, director of Mott Plc., Said he had returned the permit, in addition to allowing the company to receive compensation, did not pay for the 5 and 6 installments, and confirmed that the company still has a clear poll. In support of the children, youth, society and family, according to the mission through all channels of Mote Plc.

Mr. Somchai Mesaan, Chief Executive Officer, National Multimedia Group Plc, said the company plans to use the compensation payment to pay out outstanding payables. Trade accounts payable short-term debt reduction reduction secured long-term liabilities with the company's financial institutions because the company currently has liabilities with financial institutions and short-term loans totaling 918 million bets in order for the company to be able to repay the debt reduction plan The high interest rate caused by such liabilities and could use the remaining money as a working capital to increase financial liquidity in the core business that the company has expertise with the company & # 39; s LITIC to reach consumers more and more quickly

Mr. Arak Rat, Executive Chief Executive Officer, News Network Corporation Plc said the company was returning to use the spectrum to digital television service of the Spring News TV company, a subsidiary of the Broadcasting Committee of the Broadcasting Corporation and the National Telecommunications Commission. (NBTC), with a total value of approximately 949.70 million barrels. Stay 9 Years, 10 Months, or Expiring 24 April 72

While Mr. Bin Fatphailai, Chief Executive Officer of Voice Television Limited, said that after the license was issued, it would continue to work. But changing the technology and platform into online media presentation on both this website, YouTube, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. According to the design of the operation, Voice TV 21 will be broadcast on digital until July 31, July 31, 31, will be broadcast in parallel by digital. Satellite and major online platforms are Facebook and YouTube

As for Mr. Chemathat Foldet, the president of MCOT Public Company Limited said the board of directors (MCOT) had decided on May 10 to give the MCOT the intention to return the certificate. Provide Channel 14 MCOT Family to the NBTC office for the maximum benefit of the company and stays. As for Channel 9 MCT HD, it will continue to move forward and return to popular channel 1 at 10 again.

As for Bek World Public Company Limited, Channel 3 owners have issued a statement stating with high competition in digital TV business from many channels, while AD spending is shrinking as well as changing the behavior of viewers who turn to watch various online platform programs. Television operators in charge of the Challenge 3 decided to return the channel 13 and 28, after 5 years, fully committed to producing a good program for the audience. But after this, will continue to focus and focus on developing Channel 3 and Channel 33

Mr. Rajiv Bera, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Corporation and Business Development Group Full Access Communications Public Company Limited or DTAC has DTAC submitted a letter to the NBC in order to show interest in requesting the right to extend the term. When paying for the 900 MHz license, the 700 MHz spectrum allocation promised you to postpone the allotment until the NBTC establishes a clear spectrum spectrum design, including the need to study the allocation of wave allocation conditions again.

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