AIS develops smart kiosk that supports digital identity verification.


AIS is developing an online identity verification system with NDID and Kiatnakin Phatra Bank. Change the AIS Smart Kiosk channel to become a proof channel. And demonstrate digital identity in both public and private transactions

Mr. Pratana Leelapanang Chief Executive Officer General Customers Advanced Information Service Public Company Limited (AIS) said that the digital finance sector has become popular and continues to grow. This is a very good sign for the expansion of the digital economy. Therefore give people the opportunity to have access to a valid online or national digital ID identity and meet safety standards. Therefore, the heart is of great importance

Therefore, AIS has prepared to become a service provider. “Confirm your identity on the online world” or Identity Provider as the first mobile stock. To increase opportunities and convenience in access to financial services of all tiers of ties of all levels including the growth of the digital economy of the country.

With the cooperation between AIS and National Digital ID Company Limited (NDID) together with Kiatnakin Phatra Bank Public Company Limited before continuously expanding cooperation with other financial institutions.

Mr. Boonson Presit Summit President of National Digital ID Co., Ltd. (NDID) said that meanwhile, digital transactions have grown exponentially. The first step in ensuring digital transactions, both people who do the load. And the provider is the assurance that the digital transaction really is the person.

The addition of AIS kiosk authentication channels offers more convenient access to digital authentication for digital merchants. Ready to expand the scope of customer service by verifying digital identity through NDID continuously.

Mr. Philip Chiang Chong instead of the President Kiatnakin Phatra Bank revealed that for the banking business confidence in the security of transactions is of the most important importance. Until now, the banking system had strictly enforced an identity verification process at the branch before the account was opened.

Authentication service on the online world through AIS has started to serve from today onwards. Free of charge at AIS service points nationwide

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