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Head of the People's Power Party Uttam Young, Party Leader, Mr. Sonthibhun Sonthijiravong, Party Secretary. And spokesman for the party Bakpeak Bhutrakul, who will become a party member. Information system with smart card smart card application. This can be directly linked to a membership card.
Then greet people who apply for membership. The first day was open to businessmen and celebrities such as Mr Thosapol Pengruang, former Nonthaburian MP, Democratic Party, Mr. Yuthana Putthasun, Former Member of the Supanburi, Thai People's Party. Extract Former Minister of the Prime Minister General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, Nongpong Nopek, Director of NIDO And Mr Pong Kwin The blessing of his nephew, Mr Suriyuee Rungruangkit, Mr Chetwut Vawachai or a pledged actor, as well as people from different provinces. And Blind Association of the Country Join Now The atmosphere is lively.

Uttam said the possibility of nominating General Prayut Chan as Prime Minister of the PPP. Depending on client's treatment. We will come closer and suggest that any person is now unclear. But the argument for the support of General Prayer. Administer the state The rejection of the four ministers will be promised in good time. However, the PDP ensures the elections will be held on February 24, 2062, so that it will be a big meeting and open candidates. MEPs on November 18 at Saint George Hotel. It was not targeted. How many seats? It depends on the trust of people. I do not care if the party of Thailand and the Thai parties maintain the national goals of 290 deputies because they are convinced that the party is working. Propose policies for people and the country that are moving forward. After this, every day will be a surprise.

Mr Sonthirad confirmed that public-private partnerships are ready to accept party members across the country. Both regular and online systems are available immediately. There is no specific strategy for recruiting members. Let people join the same ideology. Just like news that it's a past. If you have any questions, please contact us. It is expected to be used continuously. It will be the best for future elections. As a party for the hope of the people

While Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva stated that the latter is a political party. Public relations party I want to meet more people. In accordance with the legal framework. But not a campaign This week we will meet with students from different universities. Get to know the new generation opinion. And then the area will listen to the opinion of people at all ages. Every person has the idea that the client will conduct a policy. It is important to be publicly aware of the public-private partnership.

Player Pluet Vatt said that he was interested in politics and work PPP is not on the Ivory Tower. Be careful and listen to the right people. The elderly as co-founder of this party are also respected. The first is to apply for membership, and then see how it can help in any part of the customer. But I do not want to register. I do not know if there are other celebrities at the party. However, he acknowledged the fear of influencing the entertainment industry in expressing a political posture. I think that if it is not clear, we should not do anything better.

As it turns out today, Thawatchai Sajjakul, former MP Dusit Dusit, Thai Cancer Thai Party I was also a member of the People's Party of Power, who stated that the reason for choosing a PPP. It's fun in the public. Care for people and people. I do not know what to do. And the conflict that is going to increase at this moment.

An old party as a party to Thailand. He has a person who will apply for a Member and then has no space. At this party I decide. I have a clear idea. I do not know what to do. On the basis of a client's treatment.

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