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US $ There. Camp fell mid-day on Friday, and Dow Jones fell more than 350 points to expand this week's decline. President Trump said there was no rush to reach a trade agreement with China, and tariffs would make the United States much stronger. The conversation caused the stock market to fall.

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The Tao Jones Industrial Average fell 267.01 points or 1.03% to 25.561.35.

The NASDAQ Index fell 114.23 points or 1.44% to 7796.36.

The S & P 500 index fell 33.13 points or 1.15% to 2837.59.

In a tweet on Friday morning, Trump pointed out that he was able to maintain Chinese goods for a long time. Trump lifted the Chinese commodity tariff to $ 20 billion from 10% to 25%.

Trump also said tariffs would make the United States much stronger. China should not renegotiate United States trade agreements at the last minute.

Analysis says that trumps often bluffs, and he can return to normal soon, and investors do not think Trade Wars will start. The government attaches great importance to the market and they are not happy with the market.

Companies that are looking to keep the trade issues are under pressure today. Apple's share price fell 3% and may fall nearly 9% this week. Boeing and
Caterpillar also fell 1.2% and 2% respectively.

Trump also praised the Consumer Price Index (CPI) announced on Friday. The data shows that inflation is weaker than expected.

In his tweet, he said that the data is really good and inflation is very low. The Fed should cut interest rates to push the economy up because inflation is very mild.

Analysts said that before the entry of tariffs, the export of Chinese goods is not applicable to high tax rates, giving the two countries more time to reach a trade agreement.

In Friday morning, trade talks in Washington. He met Chinese vice-premier Liu Li Tramp's trading team, but he did not have a special Envoy Shi Jinping title. This shows that his authority can be reduced and no success can be achieved, and concession is the key to reaching an agreement.

Some analysts believe the trade war will drag on a little more.

The analyst said: "We continue to expect China and the United States to reach a trade agreement, but in the short term, it is unlikely to be reached because trade war is not too painful for both sides. China's economic Growth rate fell by 0.2% a year, and China can afford it.

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