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Sina US shares news Date: Early morning 14, US stocks closed on Tuesday, main stock indices failed to gain support after yesterday's hand. Dow fell for the third consecutive trading day and fell by 904.73 points in three days. The constant decline in crude oil is worrying about the prospects of global economic growth. Investors evaluate new wage developments and international trade.

On November 13th at 16:00 (date: 05:00), Dow dropped by 100.69 points. By 0.4% to 25286.49 points, the S & P 500 index fell by 4.04 points, 0.15% to 2722.18 points. Nasdaq rose by 0,01 points to 72,00,88 points.

Dow dropped three consecutive trading days and fell by more than 900 points in three days.

Oil prices continued to decline. US WTI crude oil closed by more than 7%, closing at the lowest level of the year, recording the 12th consecutive trading day, the longest continuous fall in history. London Brent crude declined by 6.6% and officially entered the bear market.

What is the driving force on the market?

Investors are still concerned about the recent development of international trade relations. According to Bloomberg, a document prepared by the US Department of Commerce shows that the Trump Board plans to introduce tariffs for imported cars based on national security.

Trump plans to meet with a White House trade group on Tuesday to discuss the draft customs tariff for cars for the European Union. Trump has repeatedly said that he will consider charging car tariffs, including trade partners such as the EU and Japan. However, Trump can also consider car tariffs as an important negotiating chip for trade negotiations.

For the EU, car tariffs are more worrying than steel and aluminum tariffs. According to the European Union's estimates, steel and aluminum products affected by steel and aluminum prices are 6.4 billion euros, while the value of cars and automotive parts exported to the US by the EU is over 50 billion euros a year.

A total of 44 stakeholders from the United States and other countries and regions spoke at a 232 Survey hearing on automotive and automotive parts by the United States Department of Commerce on 19 July this year, 43 of which opposed the increase in car imports . Tariffs, the only ones that are in favor of the National Association of Car Workers, representing the interests of American car workers.

The trend of crude oil prices also gained attention. On Monday, the US WTI crude oil prices fell for the 11th consecutive trading day, the longest steady decline in history. Trump said in today's Twitter that he hopes that the Organization of Crude Oil Exporting Countries (OPEC) will not raise oil prices by reducing production. He said, "From the point of view of supply, oil prices should be much lower!"

The fall in crude oil prices has always been at the center of attention for investors. Some investors are worried that the recent price of oil may be a sign of a slowdown in global economic expansion. Crude oil prices fell sharply Tuesday, US WTI revenues fell 7.1%, while London Brent fell 6.6%.

Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said on Tuesday that OPEC agreed to cut crude oil production by about one million barrels a day next October.

Market Strategic Review

CMC Markets British market analyst David Madden said: "After a 5% drop last night, Apple will again become focused. Since the release of the latest quarterly profit report, the technology giant is under pressure, and iPhone sales are lower than expected. reported selling the unit for iPhone and iPad, which may be a sign that iPhone sales have peaked. "

Matt Badiali, a senior research analyst at Banyan Hill Research, said: "US sanctions against Iran have become disruptive in the crude oil market, and Iran is still producing and exporting crude oil. At the same time, Saudi Arabia has increased production To compensate for the expected Iranian supplying crude oil caused by US sanctions, causing excessive consumption of crude oil on the market. "

Focus on stock

The Dow, Home Depot (HD) component announced that its results exceeded expectations and raised their performance guidelines.

Apple (AAPL) has slightly decreased. The yesterday's rate fell by five percent yesterday by pulling the semiconductor sector. The Apple Lumentum supplier lowered its performance forecast Monday and said it received a major customer request to "significantly reduce orders for 3D inductive diodes" and generally believes that this big customer is Apple.

Amazon (AMZN) ended the address of the second seat. According to the informed source of Wall Street Journals, New York and North Virginia become the second headquarters in Amazon. Amazon said the new headquarters will install about 50,000 jobs and invest billions of dollars.

Goldman Sachs (GS) participated in the 1MDB event in Malaysia. The Malaysian Prime Minister stated that the possibility of excluding an investment bank into Malaysia is not excluded. At the same time, the government will require Goldman Sachs to fully recover all fees and associated losses paid during the development agreement.

Tesla (TSLA) is suspected at a new distribution center in Northern California. According to local media reports, Tesla is preparing to build a new giant building in Lathrop. It is unclear what the new building will do, but some speculate that it could be a huge distribution center.

Tyson Foods Inc. (TSN) was lower after the company announced revenue from the fourth quarter, which was lower than expected and issued weak performance guidelines.

The Johnson Controls (JCI) rose and the company announced that it would sell its business solutions for strong solutions to Brookfield's business partners for $ 13.2 billion in cash transactions.

Baidu (BIDU) has violated the rules for establishing a network transmission channel. The Beijing Municipal Communications Authority announced that 37 companies were involved in a special campaign in order to cleanse and regulate the market for Internet access services and impose administrative penalties on Baidu.

Economic data talks with Fed officials

The US Independent Business Association reported that the index of small business confidence dropped by 0.5% in October, while the seasonally adjusted index dropped to 107.4 points.

Federal budget information will be posted at 14:00 EST.

Federal Reserve officials, who spoke Tuesday, were governor of Fed Lael Brainard, Federal Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari and Philadelphia Patrick Huck (Patrick Harker) and Mary Daly, President of the San Francisco Federal Reserve.

In other markets, the European pan-European index 300 closed 0,75%, the FTSE 100 index in the UK closed, the German DAX index closed by 1,4%, the French CAC index of 0,9%, and the Spanish IBEX index 0.9%.

External forward sales for December on the New York Mercantile Exchange dropped $ 2.10 or 0.2%, so it closed at $ 1201.40 per ounce. The lowest drop of the session was $ 1,196.60 per ounce. According to FactSet, the tolar closing price for gold futures is the lowest final price since 10 October.

Silver futures for December fell by 3.4 cents or 0.2 percent, so they closed to $ 13,977 per ounce. This is the lowest closing price of the most futile futures contract since January 2016.

On Tuesday, futures for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for New York Stock Exchange fell by $ 4.24 or 7.1% when they closed at $ 55.69 per barrel. Calculated according to the most active contract, that is the lowest final price of crude oil futures contracts dated 16 November 2017.

At this point, WTI Futures recorded its twelfth successive fall on the trading day, which was the longest successive decline since WTI began trading in 1983.

According to the reference value for world crude oil, Brent's gross oil price in December Brent declined by 4.65 US dollars or 6.6% to close to US $ 65.47 / barrel, compared to its highest while the price in October declined by around 24%, officially on the bear market. The so-called bear market, that is, from the recent high point has fallen more than 20%.

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