The hotel situation of the fisherman epidemic prevention is frequent, and instant noodles pass a fine of 100,000 Taiwan Apple Daily


  1. The fisherman’s epidemic prevention is more frequent, and instant noodles carry a fine of 100,000Taiwan Apple Daily
  2. Strengthen the epidemic prevention and block the breach! Migrant to live in an epidemic prevention hotel and a fired from 100,000 for 8 seconds out of the roomWhat’s new
  3. Foreign fishermen stayed in an epidemic prevention hotel and spent 8 seconds taking things to friends and heating water for a fine of 100,000 each (provided by the Health Bureau)Free time report electronic report
  4. Monitor image is exposed! Kaohsiung migrant workers check in the epidemic prevention hotel “walk for 8 seconds” … the cost is 100,000Ettoday News Cloud
  5. The migrant workers in a hotel “stepped out for 8 seconds” in the epidemic prevention were all recorded sluggishly swallowing 100,000 tickets.TVBS News
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