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Do you remember the news that last week we were disappointed that the publishers of the games were disappointed that the sale of "Tianming 2" was not as good as expected? However, developer Bungie obviously did not agree. After all, their "estate family" had a good reputation. At least,from

Gaming Director Luke Smith That's what it is.

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Smith is not the director of expanded content, but he posted on Twitter and said: "We are not disappointed with the" land of the falling. "We expect that we will create a game that will be loved by Destiny fans, and the developers in Bungie love it."

This was in a teleconference about the fact that the extension failed to "recruit" Destiny 2 central fans, which makes the game "not as good as our expectations". It does Activision to re-examine and evaluate the situation in the game or even adds additional cash items, but Smith claims that Bungie is still focused on triggering information for the central audience, which should allow most enthusiasts.

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