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Report of the local center / Kaohsiung

The candidate of Kaohsiung Mayor, South Korea Yu, held the Daqishan area on March 8 to support the constant flow of people. 10,000 seats, pre-arranged on the spot, were occupied in the afternoon, and the venue was full of high atmospheres. "ETtoday News Cloud" was broadcast live at the venue, where everyone had cast "Korean wave".

▲ ▼ Kaohsiung Mayor of South Korea Yu Meiqiang is a photo of evening entertainment, South Korea Yu. (Photo / Reporter Xu Wenbin)

▲ Mayor of Kaohsiung City, South Korea Yu is a potential entertainment. (Photo / Reporter Xu Wenbin photo, same below)

When the South Korean Yu entered the market, the enthusiastic Korean powder collected and rushed to take his hands with him on the scene, and the road a few hundred meters went 16 minutes. In this regard, South Korea said: "The courage of Kaohsiung was brave again! Someone said that this night was a night strike on the flag, the first is Fengshan, and 40 years ago I was a soldier in Kaohsiung. The entire South Korean team for the campaign Yu half a year ago was not optimistic and even looked down on it, but step by step, now it's already sensationalizing Kaohsiung. "Then, from South Korean Yuja, we want everyone to rest and sing a song. The song," We use this "night attack, "we make this song smoothly through the clouds and we perceive it at home and abroad."

In addition, South Korea also mentioned that "everyday people are washing about 3 to 5,000 people, everyone is looking at the scene. Every eye is shining, eyes are full of expectations and everyone wants to change." Kaohsiung's large stations are looking forward. Now, the Republic of China, Taiwan, Taiwan, Kim and Ma are strange phenomena. The current president, the retired president and the mayor of the New North are more baleful than me … all are Playing Korean Yu, how the democratic politics of Taiwan Frenzy sells vegetable tongue, old, poor and bald Korean Yu. "▲ ▼ Kaohsiung Mayor of South Korea Yu Meiqiang is a photo of evening entertainment, South Korea Yu. (Photo / Reporter Xu Wenbin)

South Korean also criticized the Democratic Progressive Party: "People gave you voices to be strong. DPP has been given DPP for 30 years and we hope that we will live a good life, but most of the current situation in Kaohsiung is not satisfactory. I do not have money in pocket! "He also said:" Korean Yu guarantees that if I become the mayor of Kaohsiung, I must personally accompany all farmers. Let's go out and find an order! "South Korean Yu also said:" I come to these three mountains. Qishan, Okayama and Fengshan. In the future, Kaohsiung will become "Jinshan, Yinshan and Guanshan".

Wang Jinping, who was present at the South Korean platform for yoga, said: "Bananas were filled 50 years ago with the Kaohsiung port and the ships transported goods to Japan, making the people of Qishan and Mino a lot of money. At that time, there were more than 8,000 farmers in the farmer's society, ten thousand yuan of deposits, but now the bananas are slowly moving, sometimes we have to cut them and throw them. That's the saddest thing that we have now. "In addition, Wang Jinping also said: "For many years, the Democratic Progressive Party has not accepted people. Let people's complaints accumulate and deepen, and I also said earlier: "KMT's biggest assistant is DPP." In addition, Korean Yu uses its unique style and language so that it can understand the hearts of our citizens in Kaohsiung. Words and actions can give heart to each heart, automatically support it, and let it create a "Korean wave". This Korean wave is becoming more and more intense and is becoming wider and broader, very close to the day of success 11/24. Korea Yu created the "Korean wave" and this "Korean wave" will also become the support of his votes. "

In the end, South Korean Yuqi sounds to everyone to sing "Love is fighting against the victory," which started the whole party.

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