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Gossip! Ma Junlin knees an hour and asks for forgiveness. He admits he does not care for his wife. | Entertainment | Today's news news


▲ Ma Junlin and his wife have a twin couple. (Image / info photo)

Artist Ma Junlin and his wife Liang Minting are married for 3 years. At the beginning of March this year, they welcome a couple of lovely twin sons. I didn't expect that Liang Minting would suspect that her husband's fake drama was really happening, and the folk songs of the 8 great "Big Times" are all in the drama. Then, on the face of the book, alleges that Wang Hao grabbed her husband and also said that the friend was ready for divorce, but Ma Junlin's brokerage firm clarified that this was an Oolong anecdote, emphasizing that Ma Junlin still loves his wife. .

"New News Today" has called the British brokerage firm Ma Junlin. His Vice President of Phoenix Arts and Energy has explained to reporters that Ma Junlin and Wang Hao have no private contact except filming, and do not make a pity for sorry for his wife, discovering that Ma Junlin was reflecting . Admittedly, he did not take the feelings of his wife and often played with the crew of the crew, but did not expect the things to be so great that Ma Junlin was fighting in the battle.

▲ Ma Junlin and Wang Ye came out of this scandal. (Figure / flip photo book)

It is reported that Ma Junlin and his wife communicated behind closed doors, but the other party did not understand because of misunderstanding, insisted on writing on Facebook, Ma Junlin even squatted for an hour, did not sleep all night, this (23) The film crew was also filming, but still with his wife's constant communication. The deputy general of Phoenix Art is also very helpless. He ordered Ma Junlin to go home and do his homework. After all, my husband and wife must live together for a lifetime, so they can solve the problem and live a happy family life. They also showed that Ma Junlin couldn't easily get it. It's all about playing hard at work, it is destined to take care of the family, but there's absolutely no business.

On the Facebook page, Liang Minting used the phrase "eat the lunch" to confess Ma Junlin and Wang Hao. "So we decided to share the same taste with each other in 2016. At the start, the lunch wasn't very rich, but it was certainly careful. We didn't eat too much to eat, and we were slowly working together, and The dishes are also rich, but in June of this year I found one person to eat this lunch, perhaps it was the courage of Jingruh, and 3 people were talking. "She also wrote that she asked Xiaosan:" You want to eat? If you are happy, I will let you eat together "If you don't eat, I'll take it." Immediately point to her husband and Xiaosan, still secretly stealing.

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