Chen Qimai's decision is conspiracy, Huang Anting, South Korean Yu "I will cut 10 long hair when elected" – China Times News


Huang An sent the text. (Picture / flip from Huang An Weibo)
Huang criticized Chen Qimai. (Picture / flip from Huang An Weibo)

After the elections in Kaohsiung, the jury was strong. After the appearance of artists such as Liu Jiachang and Zheng Jinyi, Kuomintang candidate, South Korea Yu and even the text and composition for the "Korean wave", Huangan, who settled on land for a long time, spoke earlier. If South Korean Yu is successfully elected, he will cut off a long-standing celebration of his hair, which he has left for 10 years, and opened a live broadcast in order to divide it.

On August 7, Huang An sent a message to Weibo to present his opinion about Mayor Kaohsiung. He believed that the campaign in Kaohsiung was "two military wars." Korean Yu is a Taoist and Chen Qimai is a disciple. Why, things, I do not want to say anything more, just conspire, to do power, to do everything. "On the other hand, he praised the Korean philosophy of combining Confucianism and Taoism, regardless of how the other party attacks, causing the defenders to feel The fight against the air can not be fought.

Huang An accepted the photo this afternoon and said that the election results were relaxed on 24 November. If South Korea were to be successfully elected, it would break long hair, which was broadcast live for 10 years, and engage non-profits in order to discuss it. Brother, how did you choose, how can we support it? "" Ang, did you say the uniforms were cut off again? " «» Taiwanese politicians have no reliable! It's the same as the face of Sichuan's opera, Ang's thoughts! "" We are looking forward to the short-haired Anpa. "

(China Times Magazine)

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